Coralei and Andres

Coralei's Proposal in My Parents Backyard

How We Met

Andres and I met Junior year of high school. We were in the same photography class. We had gone the basically the whole semester with out speaking to one another. One day as everyone was peeping for our final projects Andres called out my name and asked me to smile as he shaped a picture to finish out his film so he could start developing. I recall telling my girl friends about it at lunch that day but didn’t think to much of it over all. The next day Andres came into class on crutches. I helped him with his books to his next class. The semester ended a week later but I gave Andres my number so we could keep in touch over Christmas break. By January 27th we were dating. Fast forward 7 years ( the rest of high school, during college, & post college ) to being engaged!

how they asked

Every Memorial day weekend my family will host a huge BBQ with our closest family and friends. This past Memorial day BBQ was going to be extra sentimental because my family had sold my childhood home to move for my dads job. The BBQ went along as normal, I did notice Andres talking with my mom alone for a little while- I was just giving them there space because I thought it was cute when ever Andres had moments of his own with my family. Fast forward to the end of the night when Andres and I are roosting marshmallows with my sisters, some friends and cousins-my mom was taking pictures to make sure she got one of everyone who attend the party. She asked me to pose with Andres I start to fight her on it because she had already taken our picture earlier and I thought she had forgotten.

Andres took my hand and said ” Come on, one more” as we started to pose the song ” Marry Me” by Jason Derulo started to play on our backyard speakers, at first I thought it was just a throwback playing until Andres grabbed my hand and started to recite ” Coralei I love you and Memorial day is important, it is a time where people look back on fond memories- lets make one right now” He dropped to one knee and whipped out a gorgeous ring! My family and all the other party guest went wild. He later went on to say he was going todo it else where but when he found out we sold the house he wanted me to have one last great memory in my backyard.

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