Coral and Bradley

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How We Met

We met on a May night at a mutual friends house after the Hangout Music and Arts Festival. I was working for the festival and he went with some friends. We hung out with friends and briefly held a conversation, the weeks following he pursued me heavily. I was home from college and working two jobs trying to buy a new car and didn’t have the time for a summer relationship. I finally agreed to let him take me out, but also made him take my younger sister with us, we went to dinner, played putt golf and went for ice cream afterward. Some things came up and I did not plan on leaving out of town in the fall for school and continued to meet him when our schedules allowed, as he was working out of town. In August we went to a local minor league baseball game and after the game, he asked me to be his girlfriend and we have been inseparable ever since!

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how they asked

Every Christmas season we go to Bellingrath Gardens (botanical gardens) with his family to see the magnificent light display they have. Coincidentally, my mother was coming to town around the time we planned on going this year. She had not been in over 10 years so I was very excited to have her go! As the time got closer my dad caught wind of us going and made a comment he would like to so, of course, I invited him. (Little did I know he had already been invited!) Once we arrived things were great, lights were beautiful, and it wasn’t quite as cold as expected. We arrived at a stopping point with bathrooms and hot chocolate.

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After everyone took a break my sister and her boyfriend went to a beautiful spot and had family taking pictures. After they finished Brad and I were asked to stand where they were for some pictures. Much to my surprise pictures were not all I got!!! We took a picture, then Brad got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him! The crowd watching went from about 12 of our family members to over 50 bystanders cheering! After the proposal, we still had over half the light display to view, while walking I was very distracted by my new accessory and it was difficult to see the lights through my very happy, but teary eyes!