Cora and Nathan

Image 1 of Cora and NathanHow we met: We met in high school, and we became close friends at the end of Junior year, especially after he asked me to prom (just as a ‘friend’).

Over that summer we were both involved in a weekly Bible study, growing closer through that. On Labor day, right after school started back, he asked me if I could meet him at a park in between our houses.

I was so nervous, because I knew what he was going to say, so when I got out of the car, I started babbling about the song on the radio!

He waited patiently (and nervously) for me to stop, and then told me that he was in love with me. I was so shocked (and excited) that I didn’t say anything for two whole minutes.

Finally he said “this is when you say something back?” and I said some cheesy thing about not being able to show him how much I liked him because I was too small.

It’s been a crazy time with a lot of growth and joy and ultimately the grace of God for the three and a half years since then. I still can’t believe I get to marry my high school sweetheart.

The picture to the left is from junior prom; before we were dating!

Image 2 of Cora and Nathan

how they asked: In the middle of October, Nathan suggested putting together a weekend with our friends in his family’s house outside of Austin. I loved the idea, and asked two of my best friends, who immediately confirmed that they were available for the weekend before Christmas and were very excited. For some reason, this didn’t tip me off! The weekend came, and it ended up being two of my best friends and two of Nathan’s joining us and his family for an Austin weekend. I wasn’t even terribly excited for the trip; I was stressed about not having Christmas presents done and the weather wasn’t supposed to be very great. But we got there on Friday night and planned a trip to Enchanted Rock the next day. Looking back, I can tell that everyone was excited and nervous about spilling the beans, but when I was there I just thought everyone was still warming up to each other. I had gotten my nails done the week before, because that’s what I always do as a simple pampering when I get out of school. Everyone thought I had gotten them done because I knew about the proposal! On Saturday morning everyone was still acting a little jittery, so I got a little suspicious that something was going to happen, but we’d been dating for enough time that I wasn’t going to get my hopes up too much about a proposal. After a three hour drive to Enchanted Rock, we all piled out (including his family) and started to climb up the rock. It’s a steep but simple climb, just a smooth face (though it gets windy and deceptively tiring in the last few hundred feet!). We were all going up together, but Nathan and I started walking a little bit ahead and to the side of everyone else. We were almost to the top and I was making some dumb joke about being out of breath when he stopped and whipped something out of his pocket. I realized what was happening immediately and just froze!

Image 3 of Cora and Nathan

He mumbled something about having loved me for three months and that made us both laugh because it had been three years. That broke the shock, and he started again and it was the sweetest. I said yes, of course, and hugged him and after a minute he asked if I wanted to put on the ring. I was so busy processing everything that I had forgotten about it!

After the proposal I realized that everyone had known it was happening and had been taking pictures.

Image 4 of Cora and Nathan

And the sun, which had been hiding behind ominous clouds all day, came out! Once we had calmed down and hugged all our friends and taken pictures with his family we finished climbing the rock, went down into a cave, and then climbed another hill, all with the weather being wonderful!

Image 6 of Cora and Nathan Image 7 of Cora and Nathan Image 5 of Cora and Nathan

I think it perfectly describes the way the rest of my life with Nathan will be; adventures on end with dear friends and family. It was romantic and just personal enough, and I can’t wait to tell the story for the rest of my life.