Coolest Post-Proposal Music Video

Everything about this post-proposal video ROCKS and this couple is one of the coolest couples you’ll ever meet. Make sure to read their story below!

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From the groom-to-be, David: KK and I started dating early 2012 after meeting at church – nothing like a smokin’ hot lady who loves people and loves Jesus! We absolutely love life and each other! We had some challenges that many couple face these days like recovering from a divorce (me) and blending families (the little boy in the video is her awesome son and my soon-to-be awesome son), but we love to be open about those struggles to offer encouragement or advice for couples facing the same challenges.

We obviously LOVE having fun and including as many friends and family members as possible. We always try to find new things to do like rock climbing, kayaking, bouldering, or making music videos (HAHA!), and we have some awesome core values for our future family such as: people are all that matter!!! People are more important than things, jobs, hobbies, or money, and we truly want to impact whatever community we are in by building relationships and loving people.We are crazy excited to be getting married in a penthouse, skyline terrace suite in Vegas with our closest friends and family and celebrating our new life with plenty of dancing, champagne, and maybe another video???




Video produced by the Groom’s company, 1577 Productions
Music by Travis Traps