Connor and Kate

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How We Met

THE MEETING Kate and Connor met in high school, at Seattle Preparatory School in Seattle, WA. They had mutual friends in a relationship, and therefore spent a lot of time hanging out together. It wasn’t until halfway through senior year they decided to give it a go! A LONG DISTANCE ROMANCE For those of you close to the couple, you know that Connor and Kate have spent a good amount of their relationship on opposite ends of the country.

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Only 6 months into their relationship, Kate left Seattle to pursue her rowing career at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and Connor flew down to California for his football career at Claremont McKenna College. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” could not be more evidenced by these two. Even after completing college and moving back to Seattle for a short stint of togetherness, Connor was off again to Boston to tackle a Masters in Biomedical Sciences. Five years of late night Skype sessions, care packages, and airport reunions was plenty for these two!

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how they asked

THE PROPOSAL Upon receiving an interview for medical school at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD Connor and Kate decided to take a long weekend trip out to Washington DC to visit longtime friend Cat Snider (see Bridal Party). Little did Kate know, immediately after plane tickets were purchased Connor set to work coordinating and masterminding with Cat to prepare the perfect proposal. Saturday, October 15, 2016 was the most spectacular day – sun shining, mild 60 degrees. The rouse Cat and Connor constructed was, of course, centered around Cat and her boyfriend Matt’s canine companion, Teddy the Corgi. Teddy’s dog walker created a dog calendar every year – owners could submit a photo of their furry friend, and the photos that received the most “likes” would make it into the calendar. Therefore, on that sunny fall afternoon Kate, Connor, Cat, Matt, and Teddy set out on a photo-shoot for Teddy in the fall foliage of Rock Creek National Park.

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Meandering the trails on a leisurely stroll, Cat offered up an excellent idea. “Kate – you should head off the trail into that clearing over there and see if you can get Teddy into the fall foliage for the perfect shot!” Kate enthusiastically obliged and headed into the clearing, with Connor trailing behind. So focused on coaxing Teddy into the autumn leaves, Kate hardly realized Connor slowly descending onto one knee.

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As she turned around, a series of confused, shocked, and ecstatic faces ensued as Connor asked Kate to spend the rest of their lives together! The answer…obviously YES!

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