Connor and Jessica

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How We Met

Jess and I were introduced to each other through mutual friends four years ago. She found out that I was interested and took matters into her own hand by getting my number from my friend and texting me first! I immediately asked her for dinner and we’ve been inseparable ever since that first date. We push each other to be better but accept each other’s imperfections. We are different in many ways but our differences complement each other. In the most cliched way, we both are better versions of ourselves together :)

How They Asked

NYC has been the centerpiece of our relationship. We’ve both lived here for nearly 8 years and have loved every crazy minute of it. The city brought us together so it was important for me to propose here before we move to the west coast. I came across this rooftop space for rental in Dumbo and knew it would be perfect. One friend was tasked with picking up Lucalispizza (an incredibly difficult job on a Friday night!) while the other set up the table and wine. It was our last weekend in NYC and we were celebrating our anniversary.

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When we arrived at the rooftop, the table was set up and the pizza was waiting. Jess was so surprised! We sat and enjoyed some wine, the pizza, the spectacular view, and reminisced about our time together. We had been working on a bucket list of things we wanted to do in the city before we moved. After I babbled out a few sentimental lines I said that there was one last thing in NYC we had to do and handed her our folded bucket list where I had added, “Propose to my best friend”. That’s when I got down on my knee and asked Jess to marry me.

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Special Thanks

Lucie Bulois
 | Photographer