Connor and Jared

Connor and Jared's Engagement in Orlando, Florida

How We Met

In late 2016, Jared went to school with a guy who’s girlfriend went to the same school I go too and that’s how we met. We started dating on February 25, 2017 (his birthday) and just hit it off from there.

How They Asked

Mid October 2018, my family and I were taking a vacation to Disney World and Jared was going with us; leading up to our trip, I kept dropping hints about how Disney would be the perfect place to propose and he would always say that getting engaged at Disney was “too clichè” (he doesn’t like to be so predictable). Well, our second to last night there, we went out to this little bungalow on the lake where we were staying at, to take pictures and after we were done, we were walking by to the car and he said “let’s get one more picture” and that’s when he got down on one knee to ask me to marry him; I had no idea that he would be asking me in Florida so all I could say was, “No, you’re lying! You’re lying”, luckily he was not.