Connor and Aundrea

How We Met

So Connor and I met in kindergarten 1999 at age 5, we quickly became friends played at school and out of school. After second grade, I transferred schools and we lost at contact (but I was still madly in love with him) I saw him again in fourth grade when he transferred to my school and I remember asking a friend to tell him I wanted to say hi and she decided to go up and ask him “Aundrea wants to know if you have a freckle on your butt” …. 10 mins later I was writing a “I’m so sorry for what she said letter” Little did I know I was going to be writing him letters from then on haha I kept a diary of him from age 8-15 after that I moved out of the district we didn’t see each other much until about 9th grade. We ran into each other at a football game (the one year he decided not to play football) I thank god for that btw lol from that night on we decided to date and have been together since that night…. I’ve loved him since the day I met him in kindergarten, he was my best friend then and my best friend now! We’re actually going to invite our kindergarten teacher to the wedding.

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How They Asked

All of our closest friends were visiting from out of town so we planned a night to meet at the ice skating rink! We got there, (everyone knew of course) but they were all acting SO NORMAL! Lol so we skated for about an hour. Connor had pre called the ice skating rink about a week in advance to let them know what was happening and asked if we could have about 5 to 10 minutes to ourselves and to play our song big plans by Chris Lane. So after our time was up on the ice-skating rink everybody was getting off and he’s like cmon let’s just keep skating and of course me, I was like “no no we have to get off!” “We’re going to get in trouble!” Lol soooo we did one more lap then all of a sudden I heard our song play…….. and then he quickly pulled me around in front of him (also lucky I didn’t fall on my face LOL ) he got down on one knee… and neither of us remembers what happened after that haha.

Once I said yes, I looked up and all of our family members were there out of nowhere (they had been hiding) I was so shocked! Everyone around was cheering! It was so magical! On top of the fact, there was a photographer setting up her camera for another shoot and she realized what was happening and captured our entire moment 🙏🏻

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Folsom Ca ice skating rink

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