Connie and Steven

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How We Met

From the land of smiles to the land of Gods. Geometry class, sophomore year of high school was where it all began. Steven and I are high school sweethearts. Despite being in the same class for nearly a whole school year, we did not speak until we were assigned to the same group project near the end of the spring semester. It was then when I felt a noticeable dynamic between us and could not go another semester without getting to know him better. As summer came around, our friendship grew. We went from having long conversations via text message to having long heartfelt conversations at my doorstep. Once school resumed, we only found ourselves growing closer to each other. The fact that he was a football player and I was a cheerleader allowed us to relate to one another that much more, making everything easier. As time progressed, so did our relationship. From cheering for him at football games, to writing each other random love letters, to having heart to heart conversations and lastly, to pushing each other to accomplish our individual milestones….here we are nearly seven years later ready to begin the next chapter of our lives together.

how they asked

Soon after graduating high school Steven and I began traveling whenever we had a chance. After hearing many nice things about Bali and doing some research we decided to plan our first trip to the island of gods. The trip coincidentally was planned just a month after our anniversary. Being that we did not really do anything big to celebrate our anniversary this year, Steven suggested we could celebrated it in Bali. This did not seem out of the ordinary to me, since Steven has planned something romantic for us to do for our anniversary every year since we have been together. May 30th, 2017. Steven asked me out to a romantic dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Shortly, after arriving to the restaurant and being seated, Steven stepped out to the “restroom.” Being that I was amazed by the beautiful restaurant with an ocean view, I began taking photos of the scenery only to realize that more than five minutes had passed and Steven was no where to be found. It was then when I was approached by a waiter who instructed me to go down stairs to the beach where Steven was waiting for me.

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As I began my journey down the stairway to the beach, my heart started racing. After I turned the corner of the stairway and made my way to the last few steps, I saw Steven standing in the middle of a private beach surrounded by pictures of us and a sign that read “Marry Me.”

Connie's Proposal in Bali, Indonesia

He then began by reminiscing on his feelings about me when we first met, followed by the moment he realized when I was the one for him, ultimately kneeling down on one knee asking me to marry him. I was completely overjoyed and overwhelmed. This was absolutely the best day of my life. It was everything I ever dreamed of and more.

After saying “YES” we had a photoshoot by the amazing photographers who helped him plan, set up and capture our magical engagement.

We then walked over to another location on the beach, where we had dinner in a candlelit cave decorated with rose pedals as we watched the sun set.

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