Connie and Lawrence

How We Met

Fall 2010-Spring 2011: I walked into Anatomy and Physiology class when Lawrence noticed me for the first time. Granted he never asked me out that whole year, but apparently he said he had his eyes set on me from that day on.

Fall 2011: We both got into nursing school and finally started talking and getting to know each other…

Turns out that we were in the same prerequisite science classes since 2009, but never met or talked to each other till nursing school! And I must say, we didn’t hit it off immediately but we did like each other. Like little school kids, our version of “flirting” was more along the lines of teasing, like saying “Ew you’re gross” or “Ew you smell funny”. After months of such back and forth banter, one day he says “You’re really pretty.” In Lawrence’s words, “You gave me the weirdest, most confused look. Like you were in shock that I said that”. In actuality I really was, and replied “Thanks?”

But I suppose those were the magic words because we’ve been together ever since :).

how they asked

It’s November in New York City, and one night we decided to go to the ice rink in Central Park. After a couple of hours of me holding onto the sidewalls for dear life and Lawrence skating circles around me, him and I finally head out for dinner. We were walking down a (very) dark pathway with literally no lamp posts the whole way when:

Lawrence: “Babe hold on I gotta tie my shoelaces”

Connie: “OK” (standing and waiting…)

Lawrence: “Why don’t you sit down on the bench?”

Connie: “I’m freezing! And you’re just tying your shoes it’ll be quick”

Lawrence: “Just sit down! I want to take a picture too”

Connie: “Why?? It’s so dark here, you wouldn’t be able to see anything and I don’t want to get mugged”

Lawrence: “Oh just sit down it’ll be really fast”

Connie: “God you and your selfies” (mumbles under her breath)

Lawrence (looks right, looks left): “Babe…(gets down on one knee)

“…it felt like just yesterday when I remember…” (reading his speech off his iPhone)

And asked me as I’m bawling on a cold bench in the middle of NYC, “…will you marry me?”

Image 1 of Connie and Lawrence