Connie and Alex

How We Met

Honestly, we hate talking about how we first met because it is definitely not a story we want to tell our children. Hahaha! Alex and I met at a local bar. He came up to me and started chatting it up.

I had seen Alex around a few times because we had mutual friends and we hung out in the same places… One day Alex finally had the courage to introduce himself to me and I am so happy he did! The next few weeks we bumped into each other again and finally exchanged numbers. He texted me the next day and was asking about my day and finally had the courage to ask me to dinner. I said yes, but I had cold feet. It had been a very long time since I had been on a date and it kind of scared me.

I remember the day of our date I was hanging out at my godmother’s house with the family. I was still contemplating whether or not I was going on the date… My aunt finally convinced me to go on the date, so I went to buy a pretty black dress and was about 1 hour late to our date! hahaha! I felt so bad for being late but he was such a gentleman about it all and I couldn’t even tell if he was bothered.

That evening was one of the best evening of my life. We met up to have Sushi and then danced the night away. Ever since that night Alex and I have been inseparable. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Alex and I found each other at the right time in our lives and I am so very blessed we did. I have never loved someone as much as I love Alex that is not including our beautiful daughter, whom is basically a walking billboard of our love.

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how they asked

On March 14, 2015 Alex and I decided to go to dinner to celebrate the day we first met. It was a very causal dinner date, we even asked my brother and his girlfriend to join us. Before dinner we picked up my little brother from his job at Bloomingdales, we decided to walk the store before we headed to dinner. I headed to the women’s department while Alex and my brother looked at men’s shoes. I remember looking for them for about 15mins after and found them roaming around the fine jewelry department. I asked what they’re doing and my brother told me he was searching for a piece of jewelry for his girlfriend’s birthday. I started looking at the beautiful rings and came across a 1.0 Ct Trapezoid Diamond Engagement Ring. It was absolutely stunning. Alex came up to me and giggled. “What are you doing?” He asked. “Isn’t she beautiful!” I answered. “It’s very beautiful babe but it is out of our price range,” he stated.

Later that evening we were at dinner and I couldn’t stop thinking about the ring. I told Alex that the simplicity and beauty of the ring is what I’ve always dreamed of having. He smiled and said, “Yes, I know babe and I promise I will one day have that for you.” But with stubbornness I insisted on why not the day be today! All night I had a feeling he had already purchased the ring, Alex is not good at keeping secrets from me, so I know how read him. I asked him, “Alex, do you have the ring on you?” He insisted that he did not buy the ring and that I shouldn’t get my hopes up because the ring was never under the price range we could afford. I knew we couldn’t afford the ring but I also knew and know how Alex loves me. Alex will climb mountains to make our daughter and myself happy… All evening I told Alex if he had something to tell he should do it now or not do it at all. He called me crazy, even my brother thought I was crazy. When I got up to use the restroom my brother’s girlfriend joined me and asked me, “why do you think he has something to ask you?” I told her because I know Alex, he has a giant smile that doesn’t leave his face and he is giggling a lot, which means he is not being honest. She started to laugh and told her I have been waiting patiently for this man and all I want for our family is to be married and to be one.

When we returned I was about to sit down and Alex told me to wait and got down on one knee. In his hand was a small black box, I looked at him with a huge smile and yelled, “ I Knew It!” He then said, “One thing I love about you is how stubborn and impatience you are!” I can’t remember what else he said because I was in total shock, that the love of my life was down on one knee asking me to be his wife. I had dreamt about this day since I was a little girl and it was happening to me by the one person I love most in this world. For others, this might not have been the most romantic proposal or ideal proposal. But for us it was perfect, it was ours and I will carry that special day with me forever.

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