Concord Point Lighthouse Proposal

How We Met: Alex and I met at our high school jobs. I worked at an ice cream shop and he worked next door at a burger restaurant. We had gone to the same high school in our small town, but hadn’t ever spoken before. I thought he was cute and funny, so I asked him out. It took a lot of convincing to get him to take me out– he even made up an excuse to blow me off the first time! He later told me that he thought I was just playing a big joke on him and that he couldn’t believe I would want to go out with him. We finally had our first date, which turned into one of many more. We both moved away for college and jobs– Alex to Philadelphia, PA and myself to right outside of Washington D.C. Many, MANY trips up and down I-95, a lot of Skypedates, and 5 years later…here we are! We are happier than ever and so excited to see what life has in store for us.

how they asked: The Concord Point Lighthouse has always been a special spot for us in our hometown of Havre de Grace, MD. There is a bench right beside it by the water where we have spent many evenings talking, laughing, crying, and just working through life together. One Sunday afternoon, Alex suggested we go for a walk by the water since it was an unusually warm February day. When we got to the lighthouse, we took our spot on the bench and I could tell Alex was a little nervous. Unknowingly, I had been making his proposal very difficult. He had trouble getting me to leave earlier in the day so that he could ask my dad for his permission, and I had been very resistant to put on a nice outfit (he told me we were going somewhere nice for dinner, but I did not see the point in getting dressed up yet). There were tons of people around and he seemed to be waiting for just the right moment for something. He finally took my hand and led me over to the front of the lighthouse. He said “I have a question I want to ask you”, and dropped to one knee with the ring where he proposed. I cried, laughed, said yes (of course!) and gave him a big kiss. Then I realized his sister had been there the whole time, taking pictures to capture the moment! It was the perfect proposal for us, at the place that has the most meaning to us.

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Photography by Delaney Newhart