Aivee and Peter's Comic Con Marriage Proposal

How We Met: We met at a time where I was at the lowest of my life. There was so many things that went wrong all at once and I was in a depressed state. My world seemed like it was falling apart piece by piece. My mother was worried about me because I did not want to leave my room, I was barely eating and had no desire to ever go out.

I was basically in my room all day, everyday crying. I guess her concern was voiced out to my aunt and my aunt told my cousin, who is around my age, to take me out, (even if I refused to), and introduce me to a whole new set of friends and a world where I could have a new start. So that one summer day in 2012 he did, and I was introduced to a group of friends that changed my life for the best, one of who became my fiance today.

how they asked: I always told him that if he ever would propose I wanted to be dressed up and surrounded by our closest and dearest family and friends. I should’ve been more specific because I certainly was dressed up, but dressed up in my cosplay costume as Lady Wolverine from X-men when he proposed to me. Figures. Since we met, we’ve been going to New York Comic Con that occurs every year around October and we always do a couples themed cosplay. This year we did wolverine.

Comic Con Marriage Proposal

Thing is my sister was married recently and I told him I didn’t want to be proposed anytime soon since I believe every bride should have their own spotlight and I wanted my sister to have hers. After my sister’s wedding, I was anticipating every time we went out that it would be the time he would propose because I knew it was coming soon.

Comic Con Marriage Proposal

We just wanted to wait for my sister’s wedding to be over. Our 2 year anniversary passed, nothing, my surprised birthday party, nothing, he even took me on a hot air balloon ride for my birthday in September, still nothing. Each time everyone, including myself, was anticipating the moment he would go down on one knee and finally propose.

Then October 11, 2014 came along, the day of New York Comic Con, an event we knew we’ve be going to for a year now.  I never expected him to propose then because I had in mind he was going to make sure I was in a dress, with flowers, candles, you know the typical romantic proposal.

We went to Comic Con with a group of friends and PJ told me they were waiting for us outside so we can go out to eat. I didn’t think anything of it since that’s what we usually do, it’s our tradition. So we left the Javits center, and as we were walking into the streets of New York, I saw these two NYPD cops holding a banner that says, “Will you be the burger to my fries?”. We are huge foodies, can you tell? lol


Honestly, my first thought was that NYPD/NYCC was giving out free food. lol. I was starving at this point because we barely ate all day. Then I noticed the crowd just staring at me and there was no food around and another banner with our pictures was also being held up (thanks to his wonderful sister).

That was the moment I realized, “OMG, this is it, he’s proposing to me and I’m dressed as wolverine!”. LOL. One by one, slowly, the crowd surrounding the banner took their masks/costumes off, our song “Nothing’s gonna stop us now,” by Starship started to play,and PJ began to take me to the middle of the crowd. I began to notice that my family, his family, all our closest friends and our godchildren were there. And suddenly the banner was flipped and the banner said, “Will you marry me?”.

Comic Con Marriage Proposal

PJ began to say the sweetest and most romantic things, mind you I’m still in a state of shock and confusion, and next thing I know he is down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen in my life.

I was crying and shaking and had no idea what to do, so the silly girl that I am, I went down on my knees too. LOL.

Comic Con Marriage Proposal

He put the ring on and we were surrounded by so much love from our families, friends, and all the cosplayers that just came out of the Comic Con convention. I swear it was a movie.

I felt like I was in an 80s movie/superhero movie/romantic comedy.

He did an amazing job! As if proposing wasn’t enough of a challenge, but proposing to your girlfriend who knew you were going to do it soon, made it even more challenging.

Doing it at comic con was perfect because it was a complete distraction to me and having my family and friends in costume too, blended them in with the entire crowd.

He was able to make my perfect proposal come true and still completely surprise me.


I am so blessed to call Peter John Quinio my fiance. He never fails to make my life the most wonderful life I’ve ever lived. Since I met him, my life just keeps getting better and better. Better things are yet to come. God is so good and so very faithful!

Comic Con Marriage Proposal


Photos by: whyilovenewyorkcity |Eljay Frederich Aguillo|