Colton and Sarah

Where to Propose in Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens

How We Met

Colton and I knew each other throughout middle school, but it wasn’t until the beginning of high school that we actually started talking to one another. He, shamelessly, DM’d me on Twitter in reply to one of my tweets and we started texting. We officially started dating on October 26, 2014, and I suppose the rest is history. We’ve definitely had our share of trials – from long distance to health issues – but he continues to love me well.

how they asked

Colton has always been the best at surprises. Earlier this year, he planned a surprise dinner and New Year’s celebration with all of our friends to celebrate my birthday. Little did I know that he had so much more up his sleeve. Sometime in early spring, he mentioned taking a guys trip to Canada with some of our close friends. Later that day, my friend (a girlfriend of one of Colton’s best friend) brought up the idea of joining the guys on their trip to Canada. I shot down the idea at first because Colton said that it was exclusively a guys trip, but by the end of the day, it became a friends trip – with all of the guys and girls. As the trip got closer, we started making an itinerary. Part of our plan, other than seeing the falls, was to go to the botanical gardens and the Skylon Tower Saturday night for dinner. Saturday afternoon, everyone got dressed up and headed to the gardens – dressing up seemed normal because of the restaurant we were going to.

At the gardens, we walked around for a little while before we found a gazebo to take pictures at. After taking pictures of all of our couple friends, Colton and I walked up to the gazebo for our picture. As I was looking at the camera, Colton reached into his back pocket and got down on one knee. I have never been so surprised in my life. After I said yes, we ran over to our friends who had been snapping pictures the whole time. They all joked about how they had known for SIX MONTHS. Afterward, we ate dinner at the Skylon Tower in the Revolving Dining Room with all of our friends and spent the rest of the evening celebrating. I’m still so impressed that he pulled off a surprise this big.

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