Colorful Engagement Rings

We’re all about fun colors lately! More often than not, we find ourselves looking at emerald engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings, ruby engagement rings, and even black diamond engagement rings. There’s just something about the unique stones that draw us in every single time! While we’re always ready to swoon over a gorgeous diamond engagement ring, it’s fun to see what other options are out there! If your partner is looking for an engagement ring that’s fun, unique, and unlike any other you’re in the right place! Today, we’re sharing our favorite colorful engagement rings.

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colorful engagement rings

Morganite and Diamond Halo Ring in 14K Rose Gold

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We’ve always loved rose gold engagement rings, but there’s something super special about this Morganite and Diamond Halo engagement ring. We can’t seem to get enough of it! If your partner is looking for an engagement ring that’s unique and special, but not too out of the ordinary, this ring would be perfect for them.

Sapphire and Diamond Halo Star Ring

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We’ve always loved sapphire engagement rings, in fact, you can see our favorite ones here! This Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement ring is one of a kind, the shape and detail is perfect! If your partner is looking for an engagement ring that’s timeless and classic, this is the perfect choice for them.

18K Yellow Gold East-West Oval Amethyst and Diamond Engagement Ring

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Talk about eye-catching! We’re in love with this engagement ring, I mean, what’s not to love!? The gorgeous purple Amethyst stone is quite the show-stopper! If your partner is looking for something 100% unique, we definitely recommend this engagement ring.

Petite Emerald Stacking Diamond Ring

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Emerald engagement rings seem to be the new trend, almost everyone either has one or knows someone that has one! We can’t blame them-we love them, too! We even did a whole roundup of our favorites here! If your partner is looking for a minimalistic style engagement ring with a pop of color, this Petite Emerald Stacking Diamond Ring would be the perfect fit for them!

Pink Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Halo Ring

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Sooooo, we’re speechless. We’ve always loved the look of a gorgeous dark blue sapphire stone, but a pink sapphire!? We’re in love! This Pink Sapphire engagement ring is everything our pink-loving hearts have dreamed of. If your partner is alll about being pretty in pink, we think this ring would be perfect for them!

14K Yellow Gold Blue Sapphire and Aquamarine Asymmetrical Engagement Ring

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What’s better than one colored stone?! TWO! This two-toned two-stone engagement ring is EVERYTHING! Ready to pop the question to your partner!? What better way to show them your love than with two stones! ;)

Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline and Diamond Double Halo Ring

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OMG. We know we’ve said this before, but we’ve never seen an engagement ring like this! The color of this stone makes us want to book a tropical vacation! ;) This double diamond halo is stunning too…Step aside diamond rings: we think we have a new favorite!

14K Rose Gold Oval Halo Morganite and Diamond Engagement Ring

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The first ring (scroll up to see) that we shared was a Morganite engagement ring, but we just had to share another! The pink undertones are absolutely gorgeous and so classy! If your partner is looking for something timeless, this morganite engagement ring is the one for them!


Tanzanite Cushion and Diamond Halo Ring

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There’s no case of the blues here! ;) This Tanzanite Cushion and Diamond Halo ring is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect engagement ring for your partner if they’re looking for an eye-catching piece. Who would’ve thought that a Tanzanite engagement ring would leave us speechless?

Garnet Engagement Ring

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Sometimes we get so caught up in specific stones, we forget that there’s so many other options out there. If your partner has their heart set on a ruby engagement ring, have them look into Garnet engagement rings, too! This specific Garnet engagement ring is absolutely stunning is a much more affordable option for the same look!

Aquamarine and Diamond Infinity Twist Ring

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First of all, we’re obsessed with this engagement ring band. The infinity twist is such a beautiful detail and gives this ring such a classy touch. We would have never thought to look at aquamarine engagement rings, but now we can see why they’re such a popular option. This aquamarine and diamond infinity twist engagement ring is absolutely stunning.

Cushion Cut Green Chalcedony Cabochon Engagement Ring

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Who says you need a sparkly, flashy stone on your engagement ring!? There’s nothing we love more than a unique piece that symbolizes your partners personality and your relationship. We realize that a big and flashy stone isn’t for everyone which is why we love including options like this stunning ring.

Peridot and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

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You don’t have to have an August birthday to want a Peridot engagement ring! This gorgeous lime green color is everything! We love how fun this ring is and we can promise you, people will be swooning over it! It’s unlike any engagement ring we’ve seen before, and a gorgeous choice to represent your love for your partner.

Petite Round Amethyst Cabochon Ring

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Wow. We’re swooning. This engagement ring is so elegant, it’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of! The simple halo and rose gold band is such a gorgeous feminine touch, this might be our favorite ring we’ve shared so far!

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