Colored Diamond Engagement Rings: What's the Buzz?

Jackie O, Mariah Carey, Princess Diana, & Heidi Klum have more in common than being stunningly beautiful & role models for many. They’re also, and most importantly, pioneers of the colored diamond engagement ring!


Jackie’s ring was emerald, Princess Diana’s (and now Kate’s) was blue sapphire, Heidi’s was a canary diamond (RIP to that marriage…), and Mariah’s is pink! Tons more of our favorite leading ladies are sporting colored engagement rings, so I asked the experts of Diamond Envy to help educate us and show us some examples of gorgeous colored diamond engagement rings.

To start, let’s talk about where diamonds come from. They’re the only gems to form deep within the Earth’s mantle, about 100 miles below the surface (other gems form in the crust, which ends just 44 feet down). Billions of years ago, carbon atoms that bonded under intense heat and pressure formed into diamonds. If only carbon bonded during that process, then the diamond appears colorless, or white (what you typically picture a diamond to be). If other elements were involved, that’s where the color came in – and you’ll find natural diamonds that are pink, brown, green, red, yellow and more.


While colorless diamonds are valued for their brilliance and clarity, colored diamonds are valued more for their purity and intensity of color. Both white and colored diamonds are graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a highly respected grading laboratory that regulates the entire world with very strict standards.

Now let’s talk about cost. Are colored diamonds more expensive than white diamonds? Yes and no, it truly depends. There’s an entirely separate grading scale for colored diamonds, but it functions much the same – with different qualities denoting different value. However, the rarest diamonds, like anything else, are the most expensive. Can you guess which colored diamond is the rarest? RED!

So, the fun part! Let’s look at some super pretty colored diamond engagement rings – first up are some celebrity-inspired designs, and next are our personal favorites from Diamond Envy!

Blake Lively wears a pink diamond (a BIG pink diamond)


And here’s an oval pink diamond engagement ring inspired by Blake:

Newlywed Kelly Clarkson wears a canary yellow diamond


And here is almost an exact match to Kelly Clarkson’s engagement ring:

kelly clarksons engagement ring canary yellow

We all know Jennifer and Ben have since split, but her pink diamond engagement ring caused quite the stir! The one on the right is also pink and has white diamonds as accents as well.


And now, a few of our personal favorites, starting with this orangy brown, cushion beauty. That color is just remarkable and the setting, two-tone metal colors, and diamond side stones truly make for an incredible piece.

2.72 Carat Fancy Dark Orangy Brown Diamond Ring in 18K Two-Tone Gold

For the bright girl, this emerald engagement ring with a stunning halo is perfect for your left hand. It’s dainty, yet stands out, and still has that classic engagement ring look to it.

How about a classic yellow diamond ring? Another traditional setting and cut, but the color makes it ultra-modern and timeless at the same time.

Honestly, this last one is everything. It is the perfect engagement ring for the unique, daring, and stylish bride.1.60 Carat Fancy Colored Diamond Ring in 18K Two-Tone Gold

Which colored diamond engagement ring are you most attracted to? Feel free to drop your honey a hint by shooting off an email, or pinning your favorite one!

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about colored diamonds, head on over to the sponsor of this post, Diamond Envy!