Get Educated: Our 15 Favorite "Back To School" Proposals

The end of August is always a little bittersweet: it officially means that summer is “over” and back-to-school season begins. While some might dread sitting in a classroom instead of lounging on the beach, we’re a sucker for a pretty college campus. And after all, we can’t help but love a middle school, high school, and college sweetheart story! Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite high school and college sweetheart stories – and some sweet college campus proposal/engagement sessions!

1. University of Georgia Proposal

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“Bryant and I met in 2011 at the Georgia vs. Auburn football game. Fast forward a few years later, and we got engaged on the UGA field. In the video Bryant made for me, he was playing his guitar and singing “Die a Happy Man”, one of my favorite songs by Thomas Rhett. While he was singing, a slideshow with pictures from all of the Georgia games we had been to together was playing. At the end of the video, Bryant snuck from the opposite tunnel to the middle of the field where I was standing. When the video said ‘Turn Around’, I did, and Bryant was standing there…”

2. University of Utah Proposal

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“A mysterious car picked me up and took me to the U’s campus where a golf cart was decked out in lights&hearts- the works. My driver, who was a good friend of ours, took me to 6 different locations on campus that each had candles, lanterns, rose pedals, and a note from Justin describing something special about our relationship and why he loves me. At the end, he took me to the football stadium where Justin was waiting…”

3. University of Oklahoma Proposal

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“As an alumni of the University of Oklahoma, Corey decided to propose at his alma mater. Corey got down on one knee in front of the Gaylord Memorial football stadium on OU’s campus. Allison happily said yes and both of them were choked up as they just stood there and hugged each other.”

4. University of Michigan Engagement Photos

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“We met at the University of Michigan. Macaila was a senior in Undergrad and Samy was in his second year of dental school. After about a year, we ran into each other again at the airport at 5am both headed out for spring break vacations. Samy was so chatty at 5am and continued to text her all week while they were both on vacation. Not too long after that, all of our friends met up in Chicago for St. Patty’s day and he asked Macaila out on their first date. We’ve been together ever since!”

5. University of Alabama Proposal

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“On a gorgeous Friday afternoon, Josh took Landry on a road tour around the campus of The University of Alabama, just like they used to in school. They would ride around in his Charger and reminisce on the good days of college. From The Quad to Bryant Denny Stadium to East Edge to finally the lawn, where Josh says, “We became us!” Landry lived in East Edge when she met Josh. It was across from the lawn of the Law School at Alabama. They would go over and make a little picnic on the lawn & talk for hours and hours. So that’s what he did. The driving around, the picnic, the whole 9 yards… except this time, the picnic ended a little differently…”

6. University of Washington Proposal

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“We met the very first week in college at the University of Washington. My sorority had a spelling bee exchange with his fraternity and we had to break into teams. I hadn’t made very many friends yet, but luckily Al asked me to be on his team. I can’t even remember if we won or not, but I do remember that we immediately hit it off. Fast forward a few years, Seattle holds a special place in our hearts because it was the city where we first met. We would frequent Gas Works Park in college and tried to go at least once every time we visit Washington. So when he asked what I wanted to do in Seattle a week before our trip, I, of course, said I would love to hit Gas Works if we had time. He had told me that we were going to dinner to celebrate his Mom’s birthday on Friday night so I even suggested we kill an hour or two there before dinner. Little did I know, I was walking straight into his plan…”

7. Greenbriar High School Sweethearts

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“Shands and I are high school sweethearts. We met in 10th grade at Greenbrier High School in Evans, GA. He was 16 and I was 15. Needless to say, we became best friends and then 4 months later started to date. I wasn’t looking for relationship when this happened. Shands was my first boyfriend, and it was a miracle that I was allowed to date because my parents told me I wasn’t allowed to until I was done with college! We went through all our high school memories together. We went to prom together, both Junior and Senior year, we learned how to drive together, we went to church together in youth group, went to football games together, we graduated together..all of it was done together!”

8. University of Florida Proposal

“Our two families, 9 of us total, met outside the stadium and walked in to give Samantha the biggest surprise of her life. At the perfect moment, I walked up behind Samantha and surprised her, dropping to one knee at centerfield…”

9. Clemson University Proposal

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“As we began walking towards the seating area for the banquet and Ryan (who walked in front of us) was simulating a fake interview and suddenly yelled for me to come and do one as well “about my time at Clemson.” Somehow I manage to drag Kaki into the interview and the camera guy asked me “What was you favorite Clemson memory?” A standard question for a senior. I replied “I’ve been here for 5 years and have had a lot of great memories, well actually we are about to make one right now.”

10. High School Senior Night Proposal

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“It was Will’s senior night for football. They were playing a rival team that night as well so it was a really big night for him. He had already told me a week prior that I had to go out on the football field with his mom so I could help her on and off the field if she needed it and so that he could give me a rose. Not really wanting to I asked him if I had to and of course he said yes. I was told that a friend of his mom’s daughter would be taking pictures just because it was his senior night, so I thought nothing of it…”

11. Utah Valley University Baseball Proposal

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“I flew out to Utah to spend my spring break with Trevor because he was mid-season and couldn’t come home or come visit me due to his busy practice and game schedule. I had been out there for about a week at that point and had pretty much spent every day sitting in the stands watching his games. His mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa all were also there that week to visit! Trevors grandparents have never missed one of his games and actually follow him all over the country to watch him play, so it wasn’t suspicious they were there! Trev’s parents had also been planning this specific trip to Utah for a long time so I didn’t suspect that anything was going on there either. The day of the proposal I obviously had no idea what was going on, I was just going to another one of Trevor’s games. So I got ready to go and another baseball girlfriend and I drove to the field together. The game had just started when two UVU students game up to Trevor’s mom and I and asked us if we wanted to participate in a game on the field…”

12. Texas A&M Engagement Photos

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“We actually met through my sister! Kaylor and Lauren were freshmen at Texas A&M together and became the best of friends. I guess when Lauren felt like the time was right she really put in the effort to get us to meet. When we did I swear it was love at first sentence, if that’s a thing? Haha. We both introduced ourselves and instantly told a joke and fed off each others energy. I wasn’t a big dater until I met Kaylor and I was like SIGN ME UP.”

13. High School Sweetheart & Fresno State University Proposal

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“Marcus was really great at football he went on to break all of our high school’s records at quarterback and went on to get multiple D1 offers and ultimately decided on going to Oregon State. Two years into our relationship we decided we were going to take on long distance- with a lot of FaceTime dates, road trips, plane flights, and prayers we made 700 miles apart work for 3 years! Football opportunities made it possible for Marcus to transfer back home to Fresno State University and play his final 2 years 10 minutes away from home.”

14. West Virginia University Engagement Photos

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“We met while we were both in school at West Virginia University studying Medical Laboratory Science. Although our program was small and it didn’t take long for all the students to get to know each other, the two of us needed some time to build the courage to talk to each other. After a few months passed, and with the encouragement of a mutual friend, Vinny asked me out on a date to a local restaurant. After that day, we spent nearly every day together, whether it was spending all day in class, helping each other study, or enjoying everything Morgantown and WVU has to offer..”

15. The Ohio State University Proposal and Engagement Photos

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“As we approached the stadium Michael led me through Buckeye Grove, a path we didn’t normally take and that’s when it happened. In front of 100+ Thousand Ohio State fans minutes before kickoff Michael got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife..”

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