Colleen Arrie and Jerry Guy

My fiancé and we’re together for almost three years. He is a firefighter/paramedic, and my absolute best friend. I knew he was going to propose sometime soon, but this was just above and beyond. His mother told us we were all going to Mike’s Farm, which is a restaurant in NC with the absolute best food, and hands down best hay ride Christmas light show. If there’s one thing i get to do during Christmas time, it has to be the lights! Well i was told we were going to celebrate Jerry’s sister and her boyfriends anniversary. But our anniversary was also the next day so i thought, “okay two birds with one stone, I’m down.” So we go, have a wonderful dinner, and we’re one of the last groups to get on the hay ride. There’s about 5 other people on a tractor that holds 70 or so. We go on the ride, there’s Christmas music playing, it breath taking, as always. At the very end of the ride, there’s an American flag, which we always pause for. We sit back down and the tractor is pulling out of the woods back to the barn. I see a little bit of lights off to my right and thought it was just a bush or something with lights on it. But then the tractor stops and i hear Jerry say, “oh hey look babe, there’s one more”. I look over and i see a sign that said “Arrie will you marry me?” And my parents who live in Maryland are holding the sign!! I turn around and there he is on one need. I could hardly speak but i didn’t even really let him get the words out either and i said yes! It was the most incredible moment of my life. He made sure everyone i love was there, and i know it was a group effort with my parents, his mom and sister and grandmother making sure nothing was off so i wouldn’t suspect anything! I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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Colleen Arrie and Jerry Guy's Engagement in Mikes Farm