Colleen and Shannon

Image 1 of Colleen and Shannon

How We Met

Shannon and I met through my uncle. A couple months before we met Shannon volunteered for a political campaign in Alaska where my uncle was another local volunteer. Shannon and my uncle hit it off – So the next time my uncle was in DC he organized a happy hour where we spent our time talking politics and policies. When the evening was over I asked Shannon for his number and blew him away completely. A girl had never done that to him before.

how they asked

Thursday’s were date night so I didn’t think anything of it when Shannon asked me to meet him at a memorial. So I was completely surprised when his parents from Vermont met me there instead. After hugs and a couple tears, they handed me an envelope. Inside the envelope was a poem from Shannon about how much he loves me, and a clue for where to go next. My engagement scavenger hunt took me all around the Mall in DC to so many important places for our relationship: our first date at the Washington monument, our first kiss at the memorial to the signers of the Declaration of Independence and so many others.

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Someone who we know and love was at each stop – family and friends from DC and around the country. My mom gave me the last clue that directed me to the WWI memorial where Shannon and I had had our first dance together on or second date. Shannon was waiting for me there with a three piece band that played our favorite songs as he asked me to marry him. We danced there for half an hour and then Shannon and I went to dinner where all of our friends and family were waiting to celebrate our engagement with us.

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Special Thanks

Drew Gingras
 | Photographer