Colleen and Scott

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how we met

Colleen and I met during the first week of business school orientation at Yale. The very first time we interacted was at a dive bar amongst a large group of classmates. Despite my repeated attempts to ask Colleen out for months after that, we didn’t start dating until almost a year later when Colleen finally gave in. We’ve been together ever since, and we moved to New York together after school 3 years ago.

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how they asked

After deciding to get engaged in Paris, I had heard of a coworker that hired a photographer to capture the moment. After some searching, I went with Pictours Paris – Lindsey and her team were phenomenal, and I would highly recommend them. I worked with Lindsey to coordinate the day/time/location of the Surprise Proposal. In my case, the “surprise” aspect of the proposal was two-fold: Colleen didn’t know I was going to be in Paris, and she didn’t know I was going to propose.

After a few exchanges and suggestions from Lindsey, I picked a spot in the Jardin des Tuileries because I wanted something that wasn’t going to be overwhelmingly crowded on a Friday afternoon. When I arrived that morning, I went to scout out the location and found there was a big art installation right where I wanted to do the photos. After looking around, I picked a new spot in the same vicinity and coordinated with Lindsey via text. About fifteen minutes before my girlfriend was scheduled to arrive, Lindsey and I met and she suggested the perfect location that was beautifully framed by the rows of trees and fall colors.

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After the surprise, I introduced Colleen and we took a few posed photos. Within 48 hours, her team had sent us a link to all the photos for download – we could not be happier with the engagement or with the photos.

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Special Thanks

Pictours Paris
 | photographer