Colleen and Ryan

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How We Met

Sophomore year of college, the most handsome guy I ever saw had a class with me; social problems. He sat on the opposite side of the room and every day of class I hoped he would be there. After referring to him as my “social problems boyfriend” to all my friends, I decided I would get to know him … or let him know I existed.

Don’t judge me on this next part, guys: I counted the number of people who signed in to the class before him, and learned his name. I then got on Facebook, friended him and began a conversation about our class. He’ll tell you, now, he had no idea who I was and he called me his “stalker.” Fast forward through some Facebook messages to a night off campus; when he text me to meet him at a party. I took a walk across town, losing my shoe in the snow on the way, and came face to face with my future husband.

We started dating after a hike to the top of a mountain to watch the sunrise. While we were up there, we talked about our future plans, our lives growing up and just about everything we could think of. That was almost seven years ago.

how they asked

We took a trip to Lake Placid for a mini-vacation and spent the weekend exploring the area. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping he would propose. After a hike to the top of a mountain that ended with beautiful views but no ring, I put the thought out of my head and enjoyed our weekend. We spent all of Sunday checking out the Olympic sites and ended the night with dinner and drinks. Set to leave on Monday, he asked if I wanted to wake up and watch the sunrise over Mirror Lake.

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Watching the sunrise became a tradition of ours, each time we went somewhere new, so I thought nothing of it. We woke up and went to a little park overlooking the water, surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains. We sat in Adirondack chairs, wrapped in a blanket, and watched the sun wake the world up.

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Right as the fog was lifting off the lake, and the sun peaked over the mountain, he took my hand and got down on one knee. He told me he loved me, and wanted to grow old with me in Adirondack chairs, that I was the only person he wanted to watch the sunrise with and asked me to marry him. After asking “what is happening” a few times, I said yes!

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