Colleen and Rob

Colleen's Proposal in Pittsburgh, PA

How We Met

A little over two years ago, I started working at a small hospital in Pittsburgh. It was my first real job out of college and I was just excited to make a little money. One day at work, as I was eating lunch, I heard a voice coming from an office asking me where I was from and how I liked my new job. It was Rob, the cute guy who I had passed in the hall so many times before. Our conversations began to grow more frequent, he started to come sit with me and soon our lunch talks became a daily occurrence. Then one night, I was working a night shift and Rob came in because he “forgot his wallet in the office”. He sat with me, we made small talk and as he was about to leave, he told me he we should talk some more and asked for my number. We went on one date and then another, and another. Two months later we were in love and then the rest was history. This was the man I would marry.

how they asked

Two years after our first meeting, Rob and I moved in, I started nursing school, Rob started a new job and we were loving our life together. At this point, we had already talked extensively about getting engaged (I’m a planner) and I knew he had been ring shopping. Needless to say I was anxiously awaiting a proposal, but Rob told me he wouldn’t propose until after Thanksgiving, so I calmed down a little…a little.

The day my Thanksgiving break from school was to start, Rob and I were going to meet some friends at one of our favorite restaurants. Right behind the restaurant is a little park by the water where we love to go together. It’s our “spot” as we affectionately call it. I got a little excited thinking maybe he would propose so I painted my nails just in case ;). So we arrive at the restaurant and our table isn’t ready and Rob suggests we go visit our spot. “Oh my god, it’s happening!!!” I think to myself. So we’re sitting at our spot and gazing into each other’s eyes and then Rob says we should go back to see if our table is ready. “Ugh, its not happening” I think. As we are about to get back to the restaurant, Rob whips around and says “oh I forgot one thing”. Suddenly he drops to one knee and I immediately start sobbing and screaming “yes, yes, yes” through my tears. He pours his heart out to me and asks me to be his wife, the very questions I have been waiting so anxiously to answer. I finally say one final yes as he slips the ring onto my finger. We held each other and cried, just soaking in the moment. I even forgot to look at the ring, but oh my goodness when I did, it was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen in my life. We cried some more and finally made our way back into the restaurant and as we rounded the corned to our table, there waiting for us was both of our families screaming and cheering. Of course the tears started all over again. We are just so over the moon and so in love.

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