Colleen and Nick

How We Met

Saturday, February 14th, 2015, Valentines Day. Colleen was out with a group of girl friends on the patio of Grace, their favorite restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas. Although they were “taking themselves out” for Valentine’s Day, their budgets only let them be so fancy and they settled for basil gimlets and a cheese plate on the front patio. Mid-way through their cocktails, a large SUV rolled up and a big group of all guys got out. One of the guys had the slightest resemblance to a rapper. Colleen louder than she intended said: “Is that Big Sean?”… one particular guy in the group overheard, me. I strolled over and said “No, I am Big Sean”. As gullible as she is, Colleen saw through this one. I introduced myself to the group of embarrassed girls and brought over the group of guys I was having dinner with. After realizing our many mutual connections (TCU for the win!) us guys invited Colleen’s group to join for dinner inside. By coincidence, Colleen & I ended up sitting by each other at dinner and chatted about TCU, Colleen’s dog Roo, and where we had grown up. Following dinner we all decided to go to a nearby bar where we had a upstairs space reserved for just us. Colleen’s feet started to hurt and so she asked if I wanted to sit on the ground area that overlooked the downstairs portion of the bar (never had a girl invited me to sit on the floor before) and keep our conversation going. By the end of the night I had secured Colleen’s phone number and a dinner date for the following Monday. The rest was history!

how they asked

The road to proposing was a bit more complicated than I (Nick) had planned. For about a year I had been saving, planning, and researching the perfect engagement ring & proposal for Colleen. The next step was to ask her dad. I booked Albuquerque for Thanksgiving and was all set to ask for her hand. Her dad and I were holding down a table at the Shed in Santa Fe while Teresa, Katie and Colleen shopped. I had pumped myself up and was ready to go when a couple got seated two feet away from us, if that. Rather than asking Jack and the couple if I could marry Colleen I decided to wait. Well, the weekend passed. So, I booked a trip to arrive in Albuquerque Christmas night. This time, Jack and I were holding down a table in Albuquerque, while the McCarthy ladies shopped (a glimpse into my future!). The tables were far enough a part, I was ready, and Jack had already finished a drink. Thankfully after some fumbled words I was able to ask, and Jack said yes! Little to my knowledge the couple next to us had overheard and as Colleen, her mom, and sister walked in they said “you would not believe what they were just talking about!” Thankfully, Colleen didn’t catch on and I could get to planning the perfect proposal.


We spent a few days sight-seeing in San Francisco and visiting with Colleen’s sister Katie and fiancé Nate before we all headed up to Sonoma, California. Colleen had set up a tour and tasting at her favorite winery EVER, Jordan. Little did she know that I had been doing some planning of my own and coordinating with Katie and Nate.

After we enjoyed a two hour tour of the winery grounds, tasting, and purchasing some bottles to take home it was about time to head to the next vineyard. As Katie and Nate were checking out, Nick asked if I (Colleen) wanted to go walk through the Jordan gardens while we waited. Much to his surprise, I said ‘sure!’ with no hesitation. We were chatting and walking when Nick said he thought it would be a cool idea if I held on to a cork from each of the vineyards. I agreed it would be a great idea and he responded “well I already got one from here”, and handed me a cork. I said “Thank You” and without really looking at it put it in my bag. Nick told me to read it and as I did he got down on one knee. The cork read ‘Colleen, will you marry me? 2.18.2017’. At this point, I was uncontrollably shaking and asking him multiple times “are you serious?” in complete disbelief!

We took it all in including the picturesque view and then headed to meet back up with her sister and Nate. The rest of the afternoon was spent privately touring vineyards, dinner in Healdsburg, and Colleen pressing me for every planning detail at three in the morning! The next day we headed back to the Fairmont in San Francisco to check in for the night. Colleen, Katie, Nate and I went to grab an “impromptu” drink in the bar. After being seated the waiter brought over a bottle of champagne to the table from, the ‘couple at the bar’ who just so happened to be Colleen’s parents.

Nick went above and beyond planning every single detail for a weekend that we will never forget!

Colleen and Nick's Engagement in Healdsburg, CA