Colleen and James

Proposal Ideas In my backyard

How We Met

We had worked in the same company for a few years and had crossed paths but being that we both were in relationships we never noticed each other (even though he says he saw me at a meeting and he couldn’t speak to me because I had a boyfriend). However, a few months later I was asked to go to Connecticut to help rebuild a store that my company had just bought. It was early on a Monday morning, I just took an hour ride on the ferry and an hour drive by car and decided to take a seat on the counter in the front of the store. Other people from my company were walking in from the company that I knew, but I was too consumed with my phone that I did not look up from my phone. That was until something in my head told me to look up when the next group of people came in. I looked up to see a man who was tall had blue jeans and a white t-shirt on and something in me just knew I had to get to know this person. (Call it corny but at this moment I knew that there was something about this man that I loved and I would do anything in my power to get him to feel the same). We were there for a span of a week and every chance I had to be around him, I would. I found myself walking slowly passed where he was walking to try to get his attention. It came to the last night of dinner of our first week and I knew we would be going back home for the weekend and I didn’t know if he would be coming back. Luckily we got to sit next to each other at dinner, so I tried to make small talk. I had overheard that he liked cheesecake, which gave me the idea to ask if he wanted to split a piece. I meant, would you want to share the piece, he heard, split the cake down the middle and eat it on our own. At this moment my heart broke because I felt like he wanted nothing to do with me… Little did I know I was wrong.

The second week I had a cold so I was more worried about getting better than I was trying to talk to him, but everyone kept making me call him to wake him up. The week came and gone, so I gave up on the dream we were going to be at this moment. For a few months, we saw each other in passing at different work locations, but nothing came of it. Until I was lucky enough to work with his mom when I got promoted. One day we were joking around and I said to her, “you should hook me up with your son…” I honestly was joking, but the next day he came in and followed me around the entire store not saying much. When it was time for me to clock out we both walked to the exit and parted ways. The next day his mother told me in secrecy that he came in to ask me out, but got too nervous and bailed out the last minute. I ended up texting him asking him out, and the rest was history.

how they asked

First, I would like to start off with my fiance’s main plan which was to get into a fight the night before the proposal, that way he knew he could pull off getting me out of the house the next day to set everything up. He knew that this would keep me from calling him or texting him. On the morning of December 23rd, I had to get my car inspected and wanted to go to the gym but because I was so mad I only got my car inspected then went straight home. This postponed James’ plans because he needed to get to my house and set everything up in the backyard without me knowing.

Colleen and James's Engagement in In my backyard

Panicking my mom came up with a story that I needed to go take her car to my sister’s so my brother-in-law can inspect it while I watch my niece. This puzzled me and made me a little cautious as to why I randomly needed to get out of the house so quickly. But I took a shower and headed to my sister’s house. This was when James came over and started setting up hundreds of lights around my backyard. Time was dragging at my sister’s house and I wanted to go home, but my brother-in-law was not back with the car yet, so my sister had to drive me home.

Again, I was questioning a lot, but I was tired and just wanted to go home. Around 5 o’clock my sister made us stop at the dollar store and since my niece was in the car I had to stay with her. About an hour dragged by and we finally were able to head home. When I arrived I saw the backyard full of lights and I already knew what was happening. I opened the gate to see a trail of tea lights leading to a handmade Christmas tree with James standing underneath it. He was playing our song which is, “All of Me” by John Legend and all of our family was standing to the left of us. He got down on one knee and said, “will you marry me?” and my obvious answer was, “YES!”.