Colleen and Chris

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How We Met

Chris and I met in high school at St. John the Baptist. At one of the first home football games, I saw this boy listening to his iPod waiting for his friends to join him. I went over to introduce myself and somehow we ended up sharing earbuds as we talked about our love for music. We were immediately friends from that day forward.

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Throughout our years of friendship, Chris would always make comments about how much he liked me and how I should let him take me on a date. He even told me that he was going to marry me someday. I brushed him off not wanting to spoil our friendship. 8 years later I finally said yes when he asked me to go out to dinner. On our first date we laughed the whole time over a glass of wine and some pasta. I have been head over heels in love with him since that date.

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How They Asked

On Christmas Day, Chris gave me a card along with some other gifts. Inside the card, he wrote out our itinerary for the next day. He said that we will be going to the city in celebration of finishing my masters. Since there was no indoor dining due to COVID-19, he had to get creative. Chris planned an outdoor brunch, a visit to a museum, and wanted to end the day at one of our favorite restaurants in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Of course, it just so happened to also be one of the coldest days of December.

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We still had a great time despite the chilling temperatures. When we were walking to our final destination, Chris kept walking straight to the water. I was beginning to get confused but he assured me that we were just going to look at the view. Once we arrived at the most beautiful view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My eyes flooded with tears as I said yes to forever. Although we couldn’t feel our faces or fingers from the cold, we were over the moon.

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I am eternally grateful that we had a friendship that grew into this amazing love story, oh and for Chris’s persistence. We can tell our children one day that their dad told their mom that he would marry her years before they dated. And that he did.

Special Thanks

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