Colin and Tasia

How We Met

We had crossed paths when we were young but it wasn’t until my family moved in a couple houses down from his that we really had our first official meeting at age 15. It was a classic boy/girl next door situation. We spent all summer together hanging out in the sun during the day and sneaking out late at night.

I had totally fallen for this boy! After that summer we had drifted apart but we always kept in touch and talked about everything. We never seemed to get the timing right until things changed in the summer of 2017. Our paths finally aligned and we haven’t stopped smiling since!

how they asked

A while back the talented, Kristyn Harder had posted a model call on her Instagram story for an engagement/lifestyle photo shoot. Colin and I had done a styled shoot before so I thought it could be really fun to do together. Colin already knew Kristyn so I asked him if he wanted to do the shoot and if so, that he would contact her about it. He didn’t seem that into it and after a week had passed I assumed he didn’t want to do it. I asked again just in case and he finally agreed and reached out to Kristyn.

From there Kristyn and I discussed the rest of the details and we ended up meeting her at this beautiful lake in Kananaskis. At one point when we were changing outfits, Kristyn gave us cards and asked us to write down 3 things that we loved about each other on them. She said she was going to use them during the shoot to spark some emotion. Meanwhile, I had no idea a proposal would be coming because in the weeks prior Colin had convinced me that a summer engagement was not realistic and that it would likely happen in the Fall or Winter.

I had totally believed him but at that moment when Kristyn handed us the cards I couldn’t help but hope and pray that this would be the moment where I turn around and see him down on one knee. On the card, he wrote 3 things he loved about me and then an arrow pointing to the other side of the card. All it said was “please turn around” and my heart started pounding! I turned around and to my absolute surprise there he was, down on one knee!

Colin's Proposal in Barrier Lake, Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada

What I didn’t know was that Colin had been working with his sister Celynn and contacted Kristyn months before to set up the entire day. Her Instagram post was actually a fake model call intended for me to see. The love notes Kristyn had us write were also a set up because he had already written his note previous to that day. On top of all of that, he planted the idea for months that a proposal would not be coming during the summer so I would be completely surprised and not suspect a thing! We hang out almost every day and he said the hardest part was not telling me about everything because he was so excited.

Proposal Ideas Barrier Lake, Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Barrier Lake, Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Barrier Lake, Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada

Special Thanks

Kristyn Harder
 | Photographer
Celynn Bowman
 | Planning