Colin and Stephanie

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How We Met

I met her blues dancing 8 years ago. I asked her to hang out outside of dancing and she said no. She had a rule about dating dancers. Then 2014 I asked her out to dinner and she said yes. We ate then walked around the lake talking about board games and video games. Then went dancing.

how they asked

It started 2016 the first time we started geocaching because we where bored one afternoon. It was something we do together. Around the time I proposed I knew I wanted to propose to her at Swetsville Zoo. Its a hidden sculpture garden in our city and also I didn’t want do it on a holiday because it was around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Prior to the day we had a long winter storm. The day of the proposal was a sunny nice day. So I said to her “lets go geocaching we haven’t gone in a while.” So we went to a geocache that we tried to find before but didn’t find the first time. We found it. It was at a sculpture garden. So to continue we went to another sculpture garden to find another geocache and looked at the sculptures. At the second sculpture garden I said “Let’s go to Swetsville Zoo and see if they have any new sculptures.” We had already gotten the geocache at Swetsville but we anyway and we got to the bug car I got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes.

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