Colin and Keely

How We Met

We met at Colin’s cousin’s wedding, who happen to be my friend. His cousin asked me to be her wedding singer and I gladly obliged. Colin was seated at a table just in front of the stage and that’s how he spotted me. We were introduced to each other after and the way he approached me was rather different from the typical guys who wanted to get close to me. So I found him rather interesting and challenging at the same time. And that was how I found him very real and got together after.

How They Asked

He tricked me into believing that he had an appointment that day and so I went for lunch with my family. It was all properly planned to making me believe it was just a casual family day out. And suddenly, there was a bunch of people dancing in front of me in the middle of Orchard Road. I only realised that he had planned a flashmob proposal when I saw the video montage he prepared on the billboard screen, followed by him and my close friends joining in the flashmob dance after. I was really caught off guard and was moved to tears.

Our Video

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