Cole and Sav

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How we met

I live in Alabama but decided to take a last minute California trip for the month of June to explore before my sophomore year of college kicked off. It was just a bros trip between me, my brother, and best friend. The last week of the trip, we went to the Grove in LA. While we were there, I noticed this beautiful, blonde babe, who happened to be playing with the cutest little girl on earth. She was obviously the mom. We walked away not wanting to hit on a mom, at the same time she noticed us and actually sent her sister over to bring us to talk to them. (She was a single mom). We struck up conversation how we both make videos online and this even called Vidcon was happening on Saturday. We had both never been so figured it could be fun to go together. We exchanged numbers and actually met up every day leading up to vidcon just as complete friends not expecting anything more than a fun last couple days in California. The first night of vidcon comes and we have a serious talk at IHOP explaining everything about one another.

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Her story and mine lined up exactly and at that moment, and every moment leading up to it, I had completely fallen for her. She laughed at all my jokes, was absolutely stunning, sweet, and the nicest most amazing mom ever. Only 20 years old, I thought it was crazy to have this big of a crush on a 23 year old mom.. but who knows.. God’s sometimes working on things we least expect. We go to the movies that night (this entire time my friend is third wheeling helping it not be so awkward). After the movies we text and confess how we both like each other, the next two days we flirt back and forth and fall so hard for each other. The night before I leave, we have the most amazing kiss I think any human on earth has ever experienced. A kiss straight from the movies. A kiss soldiers give their wives before they leave to maybe never come back. Absolutely magical. I leave to go back to Alabama, but this was a love I had never experienced so distance was only temporary. We visited more than often, I quickly fell in love with her kid, and knew this had to be forever.

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how they asked

I had never had a girlfriend, never loved someone, and never made love. I had thought about my future wife every day for the past 20 years and how I would propose to this special girl. Only now, this girl and her little girl are so much more infinitely special than I ever imagined in all those years. This was a total God thing since we first met. Our love was a passionate deep love. Everything happened so fast. We talked about getting married after 2 months of meeting each other. After 4 months I started planning.

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I thought of everything. Read everything online. Watched every video, but wanted this to be completely unique and special to her and her daughter. I asked her on January 19th, 5 days after our six months of dating. I told her we had a business meeting for our YouTube channel (Cole&Sav) at this fancy resort. So we obviously had to get dressed up. I hired photographers, videographers, a musician, and gathered both our friends and family to meet at this special gazebo at the resort. She loves string lights so waited until sunset and had the Resort string light up the gazebo beautifully. We arrived at the resort and saw the gazebo, (everyone is hiding so she doesn’t know I’m asking yet).

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Once we get under the gazebo I signal the musician and photographers to come out. At that same time all the friends and family come out from hiding. She starts to cry as we dance under the string lights at sunset.

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At the end of the song I ask her daughter if it’s ok for me to marry her mommy and to be her daddy. She says yes and I give her a tiny ring.

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Right after that, I ask Savannah to spend forever with me. She says yes and it’s the best day of my life. The video of both how we met and the proposal are on our YouTube channel (Cole&Sav). Now time to plan the wedding!

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