Cole and Nick

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How We Met

Nick and I met a year and a half ago at a mutual friend’s New Year’s Eve party. I arrived at the party before he had, to help my friend with setting everything up. It was planned to be a very low-key night, as no one else out of our friend group wanted to go out to a bar that night.

Our friends started arriving and the party began. Nick came in like a barrel of monkeys; Saying hello to everyone he knew, introducing himself to people he didn’t know, cracking jokes, and just being the loudest person in the room. His haircut was too neat, I could tell it had been done that day; He was wearing a long sleeve dark red shirt that looked like it was going to tear at any movement of his arms, (but it wouldn’t make sense to go up a size because then no one would be able to tell he worked out); The pants he was wearing were too crisp to say that he didn’t just pick them up from the dry cleaners; His teeth were too white and too straight to say that he didn’t have work done to them; He just had this ambience about him that everyone he knew loved him, and he knew it, too. He was the stereotypical Italian-American guy. I had no idea who he was, and after watching his ten-minute parade around the party, I didn’t care to know who he was. He wasn’t my type. Plain and simple.

I went upstairs to change my shoes and check on our other friends that were still getting ready. I called Aly, my best friend since freshman year of high school, as she was coming to the party a little bit later in the night. She asked who was here already; I replied, “I don’t know his name, but he just got here and he’s definitely the world’s biggest douchebag in a red shirt. Look for him when you get here.” She laughed and said that she would be over soon.

An hour went by and I ended up downstairs in the kitchen listening to this guy, who was still nameless to me at the time, talk about how politics are so great in town at the moment, work is great, his family is great, his friends are great, this is great, that is great, and how he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I was dumbfounded and thinking to myself if he knew how ridiculous he sounded. The conversation continued and I tuned him out.

Some time went by and during the middle of the conversation he, very loudly, says, “Pink dress thing. I don’t know your name.” I replied without thinking, “That’s ok, you don’t need to.” I think I was one of the first women to catch him off guard with a response. He doesn’t look the tiniest flustered and responds, “I’m Nick.” I laugh, “Everyone knows you’re Nick. The neighbors even know your name.” He smirked in response to my comment. I walked into another room and soon was followed. He was not taking the hint that I wasn’t interested in talking to him.

Nick has the personality that he can talk to anyone about anything, at any given time. He used it to his advantage that night and made his best attempts to talk to me. After a few hours of talking, right before midnight, he says, “Your boyfriend is a lucky guy. Where is he?” I was single at the time, so I laughed, “He’s nonexistent.” He nodded and responded with, “That’s good to know.”

The countdown to the new year had started and before I knew it, this stranger that I had met 4 hours ago, grabbed me and kissed me. “I ended your year and started your new year with the best thing you met all year…Me!” Nick said, a little too loud. I laughed, “Sure, whatever you say.” Which lead him to say, “I want to take you out to dinner. Give me your number.” I was hesitant, but I figured the worst thing to happen would be he didn’t call. Like I said, he wasn’t my type, so I wasn’t sweating this one.

how they asked

Disney World is one of my favorite places to visit! In my eyes, it really is the most magical place on Earth. I’ve been fascinated by Disney World ever since I was a little girl. I share my love for Disney World with my younger sister, Steph. I would say since we were 16 & 18 years old, we planned that we would drink around the world in EPCOT for her 21st birthday. Little did I know, she would be the decoy to Nick’s plan to propose to me in Disney World.

Backtracking to February 2018, Nick had mentioned to me that we needed to get serious about going to Disney for Steph’s 21st and if we were that it needed to be booked within the next few days. I jumped on my MacBook and started booking right away! As I was booking, I came up with the idea of surprising Steph with going to Disney World for her birthday and Nick loved it. I reached out to our closest friends and invited them to come along, too. In my head, I was planning my younger sister the ultimate surprise 21st birthday she could ever dream of! In reality, Nick had found the perfect way to keep me busy enough to not realize what would be going on for the next 4 months including enlisting a crew of close friends to get me to where I needed to be without any questions asked.

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Disney World was booked within 3 days. Our hotel, flights, accommodations, the whole 9! I even found an awesome Disney World itinerary on Etsy and started using that to keep everyone on the same page. I had this trip planned down to the minute– I was so ecstatic! By April, I had all of our fast pass reservations done, along with our meal reservations. I sent the 23-page itinerary in an email to everyone that was going on the trip or everyone to my knowledge at the time. Over the course of the weeks leading up to our trip, I would spend hours on Etsy looking at different Disney themed t-shirts to order and homemade Minnie Mouse ears. I was obsessed with planning this trip and making it perfect for my sister.

The weekend before Steph’s birthday came, and I couldn’t hold my excitement together any longer. Her birthday was on Tuesday and we were leaving on Thursday for Disney. I wrapped up a t-shirt I found on Etsy that said “21 feels magical” with Cinderella’s castle, a wine glass I made her that said “bibbidi bobbidi boozed”, and her MagicBand; Even her birthday card was Cinderella themed! My dad had a small BBQ on Saturday, so I called him beforehand and told him that we were going to give Steph her birthday gift that evening.

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My dad, stepmom, younger brothers, Steph, Nick, and I gathered in the kitchen before guests came over and we gave her the gift. She first opened the t-shirt and said how cute it was; She opened the wine glass and loved it; Then it came to the MagicBand. Now normally, my sister is a crier– An ugly crier at that. She opened the MagicBand and looked confused, asking what it was. I said, “It’s a MagicBand….for Disney World!” She replied, “I don’t get it.” My stepmom jumped in and said, “You’re going to Disney for your birthday!” Steph tried to put on the best surprise face she could because she’s known about this trip longer than I’ve had it planned, and got all excited. I told her that we were leaving Thursday and that it would be us, Nick, Aly (my best friend, who’s become like a sister to her), Joey (our best friend since childhood), Jen, and Ryan (friends that have become family).

Fast forward to Thursday, we’re the first flight out of Philadelphia International Airport headed straight to Orlando. As a total, there’s 7 of us in the group, and that’s a lot to travel with and keep everyone on task, so I was completely distracted with that. We made it to Disney and 2 of our 3 rooms are ready for early check-in, it couldn’t have gone more smoothly! A half hour later, my room was ready and conveniently had a conjoining door to Steph’s room. I moved my bags into my room and sent Nick downstairs to get the gift basket that I ordered for Steph’s birthday.

Meanwhile, Aly, Steph, and I got ready to head to the Magic Kingdom for our first fast passes of the day: Peter Pan’s Flight to Neverland, one of my favorite rides. I planned an easy first day in Disney because I knew traveling would make it a long day. As I was fixing my hair, Aly asked us what we were going to wear. I said I had no idea because I had 2 shirts picked out. Aly talked me into wearing a shirt that was Cinderella blue and said “happily ever after” on it, with cute sandals. I made a face at the sandals because it’s Disney, which means a ton of walking, but Aly talked me into them because we weren’t doing a full day at the park.

Nick texted me saying that the gift basket for Steph would be delivered around 6 pm and to be ready to head to the Magic Kingdom in 15 minutes. I was ready, but still looking for a few things when everyone was ready to head to the Magic Kingdom. Suddenly, they were all rushing to get there. It was 12:45, and our fast passes didn’t start for another hour so I wasn’t understanding why we were rushing.

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We met up with Jen and Ryan and jumped on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. As we walked down Main Street USA, I realized there was a live stage show happening at Cinderella’s castle. Everyone was walking ahead of me, but I was taking my time because I was taking pictures of the newly renovated buildings on Main Street.

We made it to the castle and my sister insisted we take pictures right then and there. I said no because there was a show going on, so pictures could wait. Steph was not taking no for an answer, so I said fine. The first picture she wanted was Nick and me in front of the castle. We were ready to take a picture and I heard Nick talking. All I could remember him saying was, “When we were here last year, this was the spot we were standing in when I knew I wanted to marry you.” I responded with, “What?” And as I turned to look at him, he was on one knee with a ring. I felt like I was moving in slow motion. It took me a minute to process what was happening. Of course, I said yes!

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He stood up, grabbed me and kissed me like he did the first time. He then held me and said, “This isn’t the only surprise. Everyone’s known about this trip since December. Now, turn around, someone is here to see you…” As I turned, I saw Aly in hysterics, Steph with 2 different cameras in her hands, I lost Joey, Jen, and Ryan in the crowd, and then I saw Nick’s sister, Cait. It all took a minute to process. Nick had planned to propose and have his entire family watch it from the side and surprise me afterward.

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It turns out that my 23-page itinerary had been emailed around the entire family, so everyone could coordinate with what fast passes and reservations I had made. Dinner reservations were made that night by Cait, to celebrate our engagement, and I was surprised with a photo shoot at Disney World the following day for engagement pictures. Nick said that using Steph and her birthday as a decoy was the only way he could get me to Disney without me realizing that something was up the entire time. To say that our trip to Disney World was the trip was a lifetime, would be an understatement. I’ll always say, Disney World truly is the most magical place on Earth.

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Right as I was about to turn to him and realized he was on one knee…Yesssss times a million! After he said to turn around for another surprise…

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