Cole and Liz

How We Met

Cole & I’ve known each other since kindergarten (we’re now juniors in college). My favorite place in the world is St. George Island, Florida. Months before proposing, Cole started planning a big friend trip down to SGI. Little did I know that this trip was disguising the fact that Cole was proposing.

How They Asked

In May of 2018, me, Cole, our parents, one of my brothers, & 11 of our closest friends started the drove down. On the way down, we kept our eye on the tropical storm, Alberto. The first evening we got there was good, but the next day, we woke up to a phone call saying we needing to evacuate and be off the island by later that afternoon. We kept quiet for a little bit so we could talk to our parents about what we were going to do.

Little did I know that Cole had planned to propose that day and that he STILL planned to do that. Before we told our friends about the evacuation directions, some of them had gone on a bike ride. Cole persuaded me to go on a drive with him. My mind was swirling around what we were going to do with everyone at the house and if we were going to have to go home. Next thing I knew, Cole & I were at the SGI lighthouse where he had orchestrated permission for us to go up in the lighthouse. TBH, I had told him when we got there that I didn’t wanna climb the lighthouse right now, but he persuaded me otherwise.

Proposal Ideas St. George Island Lighthouse

When we got to the top, Cole explained the whole meaning of the trip and dropped to a knee. We didn’t have anyone getting pictures and we weren’t dressed up (old tank tops & big sweatshirt were our choices of attire that morning), but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. The rain started picking up and clouds rolled in, but Cole and I sat at the top taking at the moment that just changed both of our lives. We headed back to our rental house where all of or friends and family that were with us were waiting. It wasn’t exactly how I pictured everything would happen, but I loved every second. PS – we left for a day & then got to come back!!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in St. George Island Lighthouse

Special Thanks

Braden Renfro
 | Photographer