Cole and Katie

How We Met

It all started with going on a date with the wrong guy in order for me to find the right guy. I started my first date with Cole with someone else. Like true millennials, we met on a dating app and had agreed upon a local venue to meet in person for the first time. Apparently, we picked a pretty popular spot in town for this kind of date – especially popular with girls named Katie that look like me. Immediately upon approaching the building a very eager stranger jumped up from an outside chair and shouted my name “Katie” and approached me with an eager smile and hug. After being whisked away by this wrong guy, I realized he never told me his name and some of the things he was chatting about as we were waiting in line just didn’t seem to fit the profile I had remembered online. I decided to casually drop the name “Cole” into the conversation and got an abrupt response of conversation cease accompanied by a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. I was abandoned in line as this guy headed immediately back to his post outside. I decided to continue on and get a table as I had been waiting in line and had finally approached the front. Luckily Cole had been suspiciously watching from afar my entire encounter with the wrong guy. Cole is clearly much better at recognizing someone in person from a picture and was just thrown off when I walked past him with the wrong guy, but he was able to right the wrong in so many ways as he sat down next to me.

Proposal Ideas Howth, Ireland

Cole and Katie's Engagement in Howth, Ireland

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Howth, Ireland

Needless to say, I have definitely ended up on a date with the right guy now and for forever. Cole and I are so compatible and we connect on many different levels. Cole and I are both nurses. We graduated together from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. We enjoy spending time outdoors together and painting. Cole and I immediately bonded from the beginning over our love of traveling and started planning our first cross-country adventure together after only three months of dating. We have been a little bit of everywhere together from hiking half dome at Yosemite to riding bikes around the monuments in D.C. After three years of dating, we went on our first European Adventure that turned into our Engagement Trip.

Cole's Proposal in Howth, Ireland

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Howth, Ireland

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How They Asked

Cole is usually the one who does more of the detailed planning for our trips. I am the dreamer and make sure the budgeting all works out, but he is much better at making the smaller aspects of the trip come together. As far as I knew, he just wasn’t doing much with the details of our Europe trip because he was busy at a new job and working nightshift. So that left me to the planning and picking locations for our day trips. However, I now realize he wanted me to take the reins with planning so I would not be suspicious of him planning for a proposal somewhere along the way. I had this town, Howth, outside Dublin on my list for possible places to visit one day on our trip; however, Cole really did not seem to comment much one way or another on this idea (later I find out that this is where he had been researching and planning all along to propose).

After arriving in Dublin and chatting with a local taxi driver about what we should do during our first day in Europe, Cole and I were on our way to Howth, Ireland. Howth is an adorable coastal town with a pier packed with fishing boats. There is a small lighthouse you can see right from the line of quaint shops and restaurants in the town and then you can hike to the bigger lighthouse out on the cliffs. Cole and I started our day’s adventure on the cliff loop trail and were blown away by the breathtaking views. The weather could not have been more perfect -beautiful sunny day with a light sea breeze. We were walking up the cliff trail and stopping along the way every so often to watch the locals swim and dive off the smaller cliffs.

We were having a wonderful time, we had wandered off the main train a little bit, and I did not think anything of it when Cole asked a random hiker to take our picture. I mean, it was a BEAUTIFUL view over the water so I thought getting a picture was a good idea too. To my delight, this was not a normal travel picture for my scrapbook we were taking. Cole dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him and be his life adventure partner. He had been storing the ring in his sunglass case in my purse and I had been toting it around without even realizing it. I was so happy and surprised – our next stop was Paris and I was really thinking if he was going to propose that he would there; however, I am very happy he surprised me in Howth. It was the hike of a lifetime. This trip to Europe is definitely one for the books. I am so excited to have a lifetime of more adventures with Cole.