Cole and Courtney

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How We Met

We had liked each other on and off since 8th grade, but, decided to make it official our junior year of high school. We have dated ever since! Including waiting and writing each other for 2 years while I was away serving an LDS mission. We’ve dated now 11 months since being home, but the day I proposed we hit 5 years together. I’ve literally loved Courtney my whole life!

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how they asked

So I (Cole) got the ring a month prior to proposing. I wanted it to be perfect! So when the day finally came, I had her two best friends take her to dinner and I told her I would be playing basketball with my friends all night. She had no idea it was happening. Her friends after dinner put on a blind fold so she couldn’t see where they were headed.

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She starting to figure out a little bit more what was all happening. I was awaiting her on the top of the 6th floor balcony on the Nuskin building. Finally, she came through the doors and her friends placed her in front of me. As I knelt down, I asked her to remove the blind fold and asked her right then to marry me.

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Following asking, I had asked all our friends and family to await us at the bottom of the building. Each person had a tulip (her favorite flower) to give her. When we walked out she started to cry. It was such a special moment to have everyone we loved with us. But most special of all, my best friend said yes to marrying me.

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