Colby Rose and Tanner

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How We Met

Tanner and I started hanging out because of mutual friends and quickly became the best of friends. We told each other everything, and called each other for advice for seperate dating relationships. I immediately had so much trust for him. He was always very honest with me, and on my side no matter the situation. I never once had thoughts of him and I ever being anything but great friends. He however says he knew from the moment we started spending time together.

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how they asked

I had been nagging Tanner to go to a pumpkin patch since the second Fall was even mentioned. I LOVE the season, pumpkins, sunflowers, chilly weather, all things Fall! He mentioned one well that he wanted to go to store that was about an hour away from home so I told him we should make a day of it and do some other things while down in Indy. He suggested we get the pumpkin patch thing out of the way before it got too cold. He had already picked out which one we would go to, which I thought was weird, but I didn’t think too much into it.

We parked and walked into the entrance or the patch. It had lots of other activities going on and food vendors. He kept suggesting we go look at certain things, which I also found weird because he usually lets me be in charge (because I like to be hehe). So when one of the offerings was to get a bag of kettle corn, I happily obliged. (Later finding out he was killing time under the “set up” was done.) He finally suggested we go see the actual pumpkin patch and I was happy to ride the hayride to get there, but yet again, he weirdly prompted that we should walk there. He took me what seemed to be the total opposite way of where we should be going. There was even caution tape in one direction we were headed!

I was telling him the story of the dream I had the night before, and it wasn’t abnormal that he was just happily listening as I rambled on as usual. We came to a section of the trail that about 10-15 pumpkins were in a perfect line leading into a cozy patch of evergreen trees. (This was the path my daddy had set up so T would know where to take me) I even said out loud “uhh this is very weird that these pumpkins are in a perfect line”.

He quickly reverted back and said “I don’t think they grow them here, I think they just bring them in”. Which was obviously a total fib since all the other pumpkins had vines coming out of them! Again, I’m not the swiftest thinker, so I just believed him. I walked around the corner an immediately read on four seperate pumpkins, four different words. “Will you marry me?” I immediately lost my breath and turned around to see Tanner down on one knee!

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I said YES! with the little oxygen I had left to use and hugged him the tightest I ever had. As if that weren’t amazing enough, he had arranged members of each of our families to come out from behind all the trees after he asked. I was so overwhelmed and happy I just started bawling. We all drank white monster (Tanner and I’s favorite drink of all time) our of champagne glasses and cheered to a happy future together! It was an actual dream come true! Nothing compared to the silly dream I was telling Tanner walking up the moment that would be one of my most favorite moments EVER!

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Special Thanks

Levan Cuthbert
 | Videographer
Tim and Val Cuthbert
 | Planning
Cary and Lisa Martin
 | Planning