Colby and Adam

How We Met

Adam and I met at brunch at Hakkasan in Miami in February of 2017. He had just moved down from New York because he was starting a new business venture. The second we met we became best friends and fell in love. A few weeks later we were officially dating and about a month after that, we moved in together!

How They Asked

Adam took me on a surprise trip to Anguilla in February of this year. I didn’t think anything of it because we tend to take spontaneous trips often. Our first part of the trip we were staying at the four seasons and on the second night on the way to dinner he asked me to stop with him at the spa so that we could book an appointment for the next day, I thought it was kind of odd because of course, I knew the spa was already closed but I just figured he’d see when we got there for himself.

When we got to the spa the lights were still on and there was an attendant there who greeted us, Adam and the attendant began speaking and then proceeded to book us a couples massage for the morning.

After the booking was completed the attendant offered to give us a tour of the spa, as soon as she started to walk us into the back of the room I noticed hundreds of candles and rose petals all over the floor and once Adam opened the glass doors to the outside I saw Marry Me written in the pool overlooking the ocean covered in rose petals. I couldn’t believe it!

Special Thanks

Chad Kent
 | Videographer
 | Planning