Cody and Victoria

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How We Met

Cody and I met my freshman year of College. What a confusing time that is! attempting to be somewhat of an adult, trying to make my grades and figure out who I was going to be one day. I had a good friend who I spent majority of my spare time with she had a boyfriend of five years which meant I spent a good amount of time with him as well.. in other words I became pro at third wheeling lol. It was this friends boyfriend who claimed he knew someone I would like. To say I was all for being set up was an understatement. It wasn’t until I looked Cody up on Facebook and “creeped” as much as possible that I agreed to potentially go along with this! I just couldn’t get his gorgeous eyes out of my head!

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A few weeks had gone by and Cody and I had yet to meet face to face. It was December 28th 2012, My friend and I were getting ready for a night of dancing! As we finished the final touches on our hair and make up she let me know her boyfriend would be picking us up from her house. As we were walking down her stairs to meet her boyfriend in the kitchen I heard two guy voices. As I turned the corner for the kitchen, It became the very first moment I laid eyes on the man that I had waited to meet my entire life. The man that would one day become my husband! WOAH BABY! At the time I of course didn’t know any of that and just thought “Wow he’s really cute.” Which then followed with thoughts of “Did I just get set up?”, “Im technically on a blind date” and “His pictures don’t do him justice.” That night became hands down the best first date I had ever been on. We went to dinner, out dancing and never stopped laughing, talking or holding hands. Cody was the most respectful guy I had ever met and never left my side on or off the dance floor. We had so much in common and I felt I had known him way longer than a couple of hours. As the night went on I began to wonder if by meeting him meant I would be meeting the person I too was destined to become. In such a confusing time in life Cody was the one thing I was absolutely sure about! December 28th 2012 changed my life forever!

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how they asked

It was what seemed to be one of the first cool October days in Texas. As I drove home from a long day of school I was so excited to be going out to dinner with my sister Olivia and one of her very best friends Jordan who has been attending school at LSU which meant it had been some time since I had last seen her! We had been in a group text all day long talking about what to wear, where to go and what we would do after. I hurried home jumped in the shower and started getting ready for what I thought was going to be a fun girls night out! I am a sucker for getting dressed up to go out any time so it was normal for myself to ask Olivia fifty times how I should wear my hair, do my make up and change my outfit again and again. once we were ready Olivia insisted she drive. Jordan had texted us and asked if we would mind picking her up on the way to dinner so we could ride together.

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As we pulled up to Jordans house she called and asked us to come in before we go. As Olivia and I got out of her car something caught my eye. I had been to her home hundreds of time but I have never seen the Gazebo in the very back of their land lit up at night. Olivia suggested we go to the back door which lead us closer to the gazebo. As I began walking I noticed a path way of candles leading straight to where Cody was standing on a bed of rose peddles inside of the gazebo with a huge sign in lights that read “MARRY ME” I could not believe this moment was finally here! I was frozen and completely in shock but somehow my legs kept moving towards him in my head I was repeatedly saying “OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!”

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As I got to Cody he reached for me and pulled me in close. With tears in his eyes he told me that he cherishes me every moment of everyday, that I make him stronger, and to strive everyday to be a better person, that he wants to wake up to me every morning and fall asleep with me every night, that he loves me more than anything on this earth and wants to prove that to me every single day for the rest of our lives. With that he got down on one knee and asked “Victoria Rae Trevino, will you marry me?” I couldn’t say “YES!!!” soon enough and immediately grabbed his face to kiss him!

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My sister came running with open arms hugging us and joining us with tears. It was then I realized this entire time we were being filmed which completely blew my mind! Just when I thought all of the surprises were over we pulled up to a restaurant and both of our families were there waiting for us to celebrate our engagement.

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It was everything and so much more that I have ever wanted! The fact that we have a video to go back and relive this most perfect moment ever is the best gift I could have received! My heart flutters every time. It is still so surreal I get to marry my very best friend!

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