Stephanie and Cody

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How We Met

Cody and I met about 6 years ago while both in previous relationships. Believe it or not I really did not like him at that time! Fast forward 4 years and we were both single and at a time in our lives where a relationship was the last thought on either of our minds. I told my best friend Danielle that I thought her boyfriend’s friend (cody) was cute, she had a good giggle and than proceeded to text him telling him just that! Before we knew it we were on our first ‘date’ at triple bees drinking and talking and having a blast! Cody has this magnetic personality and after that first date I was hooked! He was the missing piece to my puzzle and a hopeless romantic! I could get enough of him! Not even 3 weeks into dating and we made it “official”. He told me he loved me a month later and well…. the rest is history!

how they asked

It was our first game of our Summer 2016 softball league. As if my nerves weren’t already in high gear (I am the worst softball player ever)! It was bottom of the third, 2nd batter up.. and my little fur baby came running out on the field! I was so confused I thought he broke off his leash! Little did I know Cody had a BIG surprise in store for me…

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As Bailey kept running back to Cody I kept hearing Cody say “I got nothing for you Bailey. Go see Mom” (I later found out Cody was throwing french fries to help lure Bailey to come to me). I think I went into shock when I saw a little green ribbon wrapped around Bailey’s neck and Cody following close behind!

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Before I knew it Cody told me to “grab your dog” and I saw a beautiful ring dangling from the ribbon!!! This is when Cody held my hands, said “I hope you know how much I love you”? I said “yes, I do!” (this is where the water works started..)

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He dropped to his knee and asked me the most amazing question I have ever been asked!!! He said “I want to love you for the rest of my life, will you marry me Steph?”

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I OBVIOUSLY SAID YES!!!! I then hugged him soooo tight and Bailey stuck his tongue out at the photographer Cody had hired (what a smart guy)! The entire baseball team and the team we were playing against cheered and applauded. It was perfect! I didn’t even kiss him right away because I was in shock and so ridiculously happy!! In the video you see him look at me and say “are you going to kiss me?!” I was just so full of happy tears!!!

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He then took me out of the game so I could call my family and let everyone know the good news! As he was walking me back to the dug out I realized he had a photographer who had captured this special moment so perfectly! Once back in the dug out Cody cut the ribbon off Bailey’s neck and put it on my finger. There was lots of hugging, kissing and “is this for real life”, “I get to keep it forever” coming from me.

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It was an AMAZING day and I think we both share the same love for baseball now!

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He didn’t stop there with surprises though! He called both my employers weeks in advance to make sure I had the following day off work to drive around the City and show our Grandparents and parents the ring and tell them all about the best day of my life (until the wedding :P).

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I guess you could say he ‘hit it out of the ball park’ with the proposal!!! I think I’ll keep him forever!!

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Special Thanks

Dwayne Larson
 | Photographer