Sarah and Cody

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How We Met

Sarah and I met on the school bus in high-school. I got on the first day of my Sophomore year and her face was the first I saw. She thought I was punk because, well, I was. Skater dressing, Beiber hair punk. I thought she was beautiful. I finally got the courage to go talk to her. We were best friends for a year until I finally asked her out and I knew I was going to marry her after our first kiss.

how they asked

Sarah and I don’t have a special “place” or “restaurant” or anything like that… But I wanted this day to be a day she never forgot. I am a videographer, so I knew I wanted to make her a video when I proposed, and I wanted the whole event to be videoed. My idea was to have her picked up on the bus and then brought to my house. When she got on the bus, I had a video waiting for her in the seat we used to always sit in.

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It was a video of me talking to her about us, who we are, and who we’ve become. When the video ended, she got off the bus and there I was waiting for her at the end of my driveway on one knee, ready to ask the most important question of my life.

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Our Video