Cody and Jordyn


How we Met

I am an active member of Delta Zeta and Cody is a Delta Chi at our college in North Georgia. One day last October, after I had just gotten out of cheerleading practice, my friend told me that there was going to be a Delta Chi mixer later that night. I was tired and didn’t want to go but she eventually persuaded me to. Once we got to the mixer I started dancing with some of my sorority sisters when the friend that dragged me there pointed out a really handsome guy across the room who kept looking at me. A few songs later I ended up dancing with this handsome guy. When the mixer came to an end and I started to leave, the handsome man said to me, “I’m not leaving until I get your number.” Little did I know that I had just given my number to my future husband.

As soon as he left, he texted me. He texted me every night and every morning. He also asked multiple times in a day if I could hang out. My excuse was always that I had to do laundry. I informed my roommate that I had a “stage 27 clinger” on my hands. She told me that I had been avoiding him for a month now yet he was still trying as hard as ever to see me, so that means he must really like me and I needed to give him a chance. I gave in and told him he could come over, with my roommate there with me for backup of course. We all hung out and watched videos and laughed all evening. This was when I realized that I had been missing out the whole last month. That Cody was this amazing guy that really likes me and I was just blowing him off. A couple of weeks (and dates) later we decided to make it official and he became my boyfriend.

how they asked

Fast-forward exactly one year and he asked me to marry him. That morning Cody woke me up early to take me to Wolf Mountain Vineyards. We were walking around and looking out at the mountains and vineyards when he says, “Jordyn I can’t wait to marry you”. I said that I couldn’t wait either. He responded with, “I can’t wait any longer”. He then spun me around, got on one knee, and with tears in his eyes said, “Jordyn Makayla Seaney, will you marry me?”


With my face in my hands and tears rolling down my cheek I said, “yes”.



He picked me up, spun me around, and then put the ring on my finger. That day was easily the best day of my life so far. I cannot wait to marry my best friend.



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