Emily and Cody

How We Met

I went to church with Codys cousin, and she had mentioned him several times. Little did I know he drove down to Houston from Waco many times to meet me, but I was out of town. Finally he showed up at a baseball game with a group of friends and we “hit it off” so to speak. So our next date was an Aggie football game, and each date from then on was better!

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how they asked

We went zip lining in Crested Butte Coloardo, and on the last tower Cody and my brother Ryan went across before me. While I was waiting for my turn, the zip line attendant told me to look down at our friends watching us, so I waved not expecting anything at all! Well as I jumped to go across all of our friends held open signs, all I saw was “Emily Clanton” and the tears started flowing in the middle of the zip line. Once I got across Cody got down on one knee and proposed, using the same chalkboard from a year and a half before when he asked me to be his girlfriend! I was saying yes before he ever got the whole question out!

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