Cody and Cody

How We Met

Cody and I (yes, we both have the same name, yes we know we will both be Cody Jones soon) went to high school about 15 miles away from each other, and both went to the same college and knew of each other, but we didn’t actually get introduced until after I had graduated from TCU and Cody was off playing baseball in the for the Royals minor league system. Our friends thought we might be a good match and suggested we get to know each other when he got done with the season. Everyone in my life will tell you that I’m an exceedingly impatient person so naturally, I went and stalked him on Instagram (might have accidentally liked a really old photo of his). He followed me back a little while later, and the next day, I got a DM from him. Suddenly, we were texting all day, every day (all the while, individually wondering if we could actually date someone with our same name). A week later we FaceTimed for the first time.

We started talking in March of 2017, and because Cody was playing baseball, he wouldn’t be back in our hometown until the next fall. Neither of us wanted to wait that long for our first date, so it was decided that I would fly out to Delaware to watch him play and spend the weekend together. I couldn’t believe that I was getting on a plane to fly cross country for a guy I had never spent any real time with, but as I would learn over the next few months, you do a lot of crazy things when it comes to accommodating baseball life.

We had an amazing weekend in Delaware. It even poured so much one day that the game got canceled and we had an entire afternoon for a date night (these are shockingly rare in baseball).

I flew back home to Texas and we immediately started planning my next trip. Three months later I was supposed to fly out for the trip early the next morning when I got a call from Cody. He had been promoted to Double A. It was amazing and exciting but also just a little bit insane because suddenly we were canceling hotels, rental cars, and flights galore. Cody flew from Delaware to Arkansas the next day and I ended up just canceling my flight altogether and driving myself to Arkansas. Cody was playing in the Texas league now, which meant he was only a five-hour drive away and sometimes played teams that were 1-2 hours away from home. We spent the rest of the season seeing each other every few weeks (we were super spoiled compared to most other relationships in the minor leagues).

When the season was over, Cody came back to Fort Worth for off-season training at TCU and we decided it would be smartest if he just moved in with me and didn’t have to sign a short term lease somewhere else. (If you’re following, this was about six months into our whirlwind relationship).

That offseason was incredible, we found we both loved to adventure, we camped, climbed, kayaked, and explored everything we could in those few months. We spent crazy holidays together with our huge family and suddenly it was time for Cody to leave for the next season.

Cody left for spring training, and I flew out about two months after for a weekend. A few days after I got back, Cody was released, and just like that, he was back home in Fort Worth and we were trying to figure out what this new phase of life looked like post-baseball.

Since then, Cody has finished up his degree at TCU and took a job as an assistant baseball coach at a local high school. We’re typically off on some adventure or at one of our friends’ weddings every weekend, so I’m amazed that Cody managed to plan a proposal in the middle of all of our craziness.

Proposal Ideas Ponca, Arkansas

How They Asked

Everyone will tell you I’m a bit of a planner. Okay more than a bit, but I digress. I had pretty much figured that a proposal wasn’t coming for at least a few more months because every weekend on our foreseeable calendar has been booked for months.

This particular trip was supposed to be a camping trip with a bunch of our friends for Cody’s birthday. I planned out our campsite, rented the canoes for the river float, picked out some dog-friendly hikes, the whole nine. Unbeknownst to me, while I was sending everyone their shopping/packing lists for activities and dinners, Cody was sending them their roles/responsibilities for the proposal. He thought out every little detail. After we got done with our canoe trip, we all came back to camp exhausted. I had initially planned for us to do a hike after the trip but everyone seemed really tired and worn out – a few people even mentioned just wanting a nap. Turns out, Cody had planned every bit of that. He told people to act tired, and uninterested in the hike because he knew if they were too gung-ho about running off to do it that I might get suspicious.

We all rallied and decided the hike would be worth it, so off we went. Cody knows me so well that he knew I would end up leading the hike (Clearly, I’m pretty predictable). The entire time I was marching us along the trail, Cody and our friends were passing the ring around, taking pictures of Cody with it behind my back, and trying to make sure I didn’t see it in his pocket.

Where to Propose in Ponca, Arkansas

I started to get a hint that something was up when we stopped off at a few pretty overlooks and Cody kept saying “Yeah I don’t think this is it, yet, I think we need to keep going”.

Sure enough, we made it to the end of the hike, which is out on this amazing cliff’s edge and everyone got really quiet. Cody started talking and thanking everyone for being here for his birthday weekend and the next thing I knew he was talking only to me. I immediately turned into a blubbering mess as he pulled out the ring and got down on one knee.

Cody and Cody's Engagement in Ponca, Arkansas

I don’t think I even actually said yes because I was crying so hard, but I shook my head yes for sure! All our friends started cheering and suddenly someone was handing me a drink and we were all celebrating. It was the most amazing and perfect proposal for us, in one of our favorite places, out exploring as usual.

Afterward, we got back to camp and Cody’s parents and more of our friends had driven up and decorated our campsite with the most beautiful sparkly lights and candles. We popped champagne and celebrated the perfect night away.

Special Thanks

Hannah Llach
 | Photographer