Cody and Chloe

How We Met

We met at a summer camp!!!

Cody's Proposal in Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Arts

How They Asked

About a year ago, Cody and I started to become a lot more serious in our relationship. We started talking more about the “future” and marriage and our goals, etc. So, I began to start planning, thinking, and dreaming about the most perfect proposal, wedding, and honeymoon. My Pinterest board was absolutely overflowing. I began to become a little scared and overwhelmed with everything, so we had sort of kind of broken up for about a month but quickly realized that being apart from each other wasn’t an option. We were destined to be together. We’re a perfect match. After that extremely long month, I started feeling like engagement wasn’t that far along in our future.

Proposal Ideas Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Arts

Where to Propose in Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Arts

Sometimes he would “fake” propose just to get me all excited and see me freak out, but it was never really for real. This was close to around Thanksgiving. So, I had sort of thought he’d propose on Christmas because that would be the most romantic “Hallmark” moment ever. But that didn’t happen. Then I thought, “Well, maybe he’ll wait for New Year’s Eve.” But that didn’t happen either. I finally just stopped getting my hopes up and dealt with the fact that maybe he wanted to wait for a while. Then, January 12 comes around. We had the most perfect date planned. Cody had gotten a “photo shoot” for us as a Christmas gift to me and then after, we would spend the day together. It was just a day for us. A fun, cute date day.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Arts

Cody and Chloe's Engagement in Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Arts

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Arts

We got to about the middle of our photo shoot, outside in the freezing cold while it was snowing (perfect pictures!), and I sort of got that hope again, that maybe, just maybe he’d propose right here. In the snow. At an art museum… AND IT HAPPENED. It was absolutely perfect. Magical even. I was facing forward, he was behind me. As I turned around to face him again, he got on one knee and said, “This is for real Chlo. Will you marry me?” And the rest is history. Now, we’re 29 days away from being Mr. and Mrs. and neither one of us can hardly wait.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Arts

Special Thanks

Jose Herrera
 | Photographer