Cody and Charlie

How We Met

I was living in Las Vegas but was on my way back to Santa Barbara, my hometown, for a funeral. Little did I know this sad trip would turn out to be the beginning of my happiest days. It happened to be my good friend Jess’s birthday, who’s also now our bridesmaid, so we all went to a local bar to celebrate. Later in the night I heard this gorgeous girl with an English accent running around speaking with everyone with such enthusiasm. Naturally I offered her a shot of tequila so she could come hang out with our group. And after hours of good conversation with a major connection and a few more tequilas, it was time to part ways. She made it a point to gather everyone’s number as a “marketing ploy” .. really with the intention to get my number.
We all left separate, and us boys were all hyped up thinking who would be the one that she texted. A little while later I got a message from Charlie that read “hello American ✌????” the rest is history.

How They Asked

When it was coming up to our holiday to St. John for our 3 year anniversary, the hopeful romantic in me was dying to be proposed too. So much so I had my nails done just in case. The plan was to drive down to my parents in LA to spend a few nights before flying out. But after arriving, Cody informed me that we weren’t actually staying and only dropping off our dog Axl. Instead we were heading to a fancy hotel to have a pre holiday! I thought ‘holy cow’ it’s happening.
But after arriving he planted a bombshell on me that the very next morning we would be Sky Diving… Being scared of heights and flying my reaction was ‘hell no’ but trying to always impress him, I ate my fears and agreed, assuming that I wasn’t getting proposed too. The morning of the sky jump the weather was bad so the jump was going to be delayed and Cody felt it was a sign for us not to do it; as well as my instant relief and joy when he mentioned we may have to cancel. Little did I know this was plan A. Plan B was to head out for a romantic lunch later that day at the Malibu Cafe where little did I know a surprise was awaiting. Once there Cody and I walked up to the front where the hostess asked ‘are you here for the surprise engagement’, clearly not realizing it was us and me not expecting to be asked as I thought sky diving was the BIG gift! I disappointedly replied ‘no just lunch please’. We walked across and there I saw a signs saying ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ and I kept on thinking how magical that is for the girl about to walk in, not knowing it was me. Until I turned to him and he looked at me the way he never has before and in that moment I realized I was that lucky girl and all my dreams were coming true. My favorite song was playing, the ring and setting was perfect and after finally saying yes after many ‘no’s’ in disbelief; I realized the people holding the signs were all our family and friends. It was the most perfect plan B!



Special Thanks

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