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How We Met

I met Cody randomly at a restaurant in Morgantown while I was in law school. I took a break from writing a paper to meet two of my former track teammates for a quick drink. He was sitting at the bar with a couple of his friends, one who I happened to know. I went to the bar to grab a drink and spoke with his friend that I knew and also spoke with him for a minute or so. Nothing came about of this night and we both went our separate ways. The very next night, a couple of my friends and I went to a different bar to grab some drinks. After twenty minutes of being at the bar, Cody walked in with the same group of friends from the night before. Cody and his friends ended up sitting with our group and Cody sat beside me. Cody and I talked and flirted all night. At one point in the night, Cody told me he was really good at reading people and figuring them out after just meeting them. So I said, “Ok, tell me about me.” Cody told me that “you’re happy because you make others happy.” I immediately said, “excuse me, what did you just say?” Cody was taken back by my quick response, but what he didn’t know is that what he said to me were the last words my favorite Uncle said to me before passing away with cancer. I was in complete shock and almost started crying. It was the craziest feeling. That night I went home and told my best friend that I just met my husband. Two and a half years later, he proved my prediction right by getting down on one knee and proposing.

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how they asked

Cody proposed to me on Thanksgiving morning after I finished a 5k race with my best friend. My mom suggested I run in this 5k with my friends while she walked to raise money for the Union Mission. I thought it was a good cause and could use the exercise before indulging in calories galore at Thanksgiving dinner. Cody and I currently live in two different cities and he was not coming to Charleston until Thursday afternoon. So me and all of my friends went out the night before. The next day, two of my friends and myself went to the race early to get warmed up. My mom, sisters, aunt, and niece were all there to also participate in the 5k, or so I thought. After a little bit of the race, my one friend said she was not going to be as fast as us and we could go ahead. So my other friend and I kept going and picked up our pace. After the half way point, I kept looking on the other side for my family members who were walking. We never saw them, but I thought we just happened to miss them. Still clueless, I kept running and picking up pace on the second part of the race. Toward the finish line, I started to spring to the end. There was a guy announcing the names of runners once they passed the finish line. When my name was announced, a group of my family and friends started cheering. I was so confused but thought, well how nice of them to cheer me on.

Then I looked to the left and saw Cody walking through people toward me with a sign that said “Marry Me?” The sign was an emoji from the Bitmoji app. Cody and I always used those with each other and as a joke I would always send him the girl emoji that said “marry me?” So as an inside joke, he used the emoji. When I saw him holding that sign, I immediately lost it. The announcer then started saying that I was in tears and when I walked up to Cody, he yelled over the intercom “She said yes!” Cody then told me “You are my best friend, my favorite, and my future. Will you make the happiest and luckiest man in the world and marry me?” Again, I cried like a baby, but shook my head yes. I might not have had the fastest time, but I got the best prize.

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