Codie and Weston

Codie's Proposal in Where we met. Stuyvesant town NYC

How We Met

I was new to the city and was hired to be a promo model over the summer at Stuyvesant Town Leasing office. Weston was a leasing agent and I would work with him every summer! We would gradually talk about the latest documentary we’ve watched, the planet, and our like interests! It was not until the third summer where something just clicked! I had the biggest crush on him but had no clue how to “flirt” or how to give him a hint I was interested! I would casually think of excuses to go ask him questions, just to start a conversation! One day I get a call (he stole my number from a friend at the office) he asked me to a raw vegan restaurant… It was the best first date in the history of ever! The rest was history!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Where we met. Stuyvesant town NYC

Where to Propose in Where we met. Stuyvesant town NYC

Codie and Weston's Engagement in Where we met. Stuyvesant town NYC

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Where we met. Stuyvesant town NYC

how they asked

I proposed to the amazing, lovely Codie in the leasing office of Stuyvesant Town, NYC where we first met on October 15, 2016.

Proposal Ideas Where we met. Stuyvesant town NYC

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Where we met. Stuyvesant town NYC

While I was working there, they sporadically hired the Codie basically be Her charming, beautiful bombshell self. Then finally, after two summers I summoned the courage and asked Her to dinner…a gluten, dairy free, raw vegan organic dinner of course. It was very soon after this, there was no debate, I wanted to spend the rest of my days along side Her, if She would allow me.

For the proposal, I wanted/had to create a grand gesture, because as most know, our Codie is a bit of a romantic, to say the least. So…I wanted to use photos to show Her the chronology of us, and the evolution of how incredible of a unit we have become. I had the song ain’t no sunshine by Bill Whithers playing throughout the office. Her favorite flowers, twinkle lights and a videographer ready!

Then, to put me over the freaking top…I gathered our families and friends at our home to surprise her with a grand fiesta to celebrate our new chapter.

I understood how deeply our Codie loves her family and friends, so they had to be a part of it. The surprise engagement party was the cherry on top! Man I love my Codie!

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Special Thanks

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Helped with everything!
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