Codie and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I met on an online dating site and talked for two weeks before we met in person. We met st Starbucks initially and then drove separately to The Franklin Park Conservatory and spent a couple hours there. At one point I noticed this small chalk board for kids that had half of a butterfly permently drawn on it and the kids are supposed to draw the matching wing. We stopped walking so I could use the restroom and when I came out, someone had drawn the matching wing and wrote on the chalkboard “God is Love.” Josh and I were both taken back by it because when we first walked by that chalkboard it was blank and we knew that neither one of us drew it. The hair on my neck stood up and shortly after we both realized that was a sign that we were meant to be.

Proposal Ideas The Franklin Park Conservatory

how they asked

Two years after we met, we celebrated our anniversary by going to dinner and then back to the Franklin Park Conservatory, where we had our first date. We walked around for a while and then I went to take a selfie of us and just as I was getti ready to take the picture the ring popped up behind me in the screen on my phone. Josh started telling me how much he loves me and then got on one knee there in the garden and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. It was one of the best moments of my life. My mom had kept asking him when he was going to propose and she passed away on May 12th so she wasn’t able to hear about it but I know she was watching and thinking “it’s about time!”

Codie's Proposal in The Franklin Park Conservatory

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