Codi and Cody

how we met

We met in 2006 during the Wharton County Youth Fair, in Wharton, Texas. The fair was in full swing with the stars casting light above the rainbow lights of carnival rides. Cody was walking aimlessly through the midway, and eventually he made it to the Himalaya (a boat theme carnival ride meant to swing back and forth on a pendulum). Meanwhile, I had just exited the ride. As I was walking into the area in front of the Himalaya ride, Cody nonchalantly wandered up and introduced himself. As they say, the rest is history.

how they asked

Cody proposed to me the day before April Fools. It was March 31, 2018, and we were at Matagorda Beach, in Matagorda, Texas. It was the first warm day of the year, so we were in the mood for water, sand, and sun. Before arriving at the beach we went out to eat, and everything was normal. Honestly, I had no clue on what he was planning. About an hour into relaxing on the beach I sat down on a towel facing the water. Cody came up behind me and put his arms around me. He began asking about furniture we needed to move into our new apartment, and then pulled a ring out of his pocket. At that moment, he asked if we needed side tables for the living room to which I said no. Then he asked if we needed “this” as he positioned the ring in front of me. I said yes, and thus we began the next chapter of our lives in our new home with a new piece of jewelry and a new title. From what Cody tells me, the planning process was difficult. I am not a person that likes large crowds or a lot of attention, so he knew the proposal had to be somewhat private and meaningful. To hear him tell his ideas in the beginning he thought to have us “kidnapped” and another idea was based on being at the River Walk in San Antonio…needless to say I am happy with his choice of venue and simplicity.

Special Thanks

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