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How We Met

My fiance, Chris, and I went to Belvidere High School together, but we didn’t really know each other in High School. We always knew of each other because we had many mutual friends and we would see each other while out and about quite often. We started running into each other more and more the summer of 2014. We had a mutual friend getting married and we were both in the wedding. Even more than just being in the wedding together, though, we were also paired up in the bridal party. So because of that we joked around about being each others “dates” for the wedding. We started talking more because we wanted to plan an epic wedding entrance when it was our turn to enter the reception. We had a lot of fun at the wedding dancing the night away. This is us walking into the reception!

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The rest of that summer our feelings definitely started to grow. My best friend Lauren and I had a summer of wild fun doing everything and anything to make the most of our time off (we are both school teachers). When going out, we would always run into Chris and his best friend Stuart. The most memorable run in, and the one that made me realize how strong my feelings were was a run in at a country concert in our area. We were at Old Settlers Days which is a fun music festival in our area. Lauren and I went just the two of us, and Chris and Stuart went just the two of them. Lauren and I happened to run into them while in line for the restrooms. We decided that since it was just us two we would hangout and watch the concert with them. We all had a great time and Chris and I even got a cute picture. ;-)

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how they asked

My fiance had been planning his proposal for 3 months, and I totally had NO clue. My Fiance, Chris, is a farmer, so he choose to till his proposal into a field in our hometown of Poplar Grove Illinois. It was Memorial Day weekend when he popped the question. He choose this weekend because many family from out of town would be back for the holiday. My family has a big 3 day long Memorial Day party that has been going on for 30 years. We look forward to it every year! Chris told me he wouldn’t be able to attend much of the party this year because they were so busy chopping hay since it was good dry weather. I didn’t think anything of it. He even went as far as to send me many snap-chats of the guys all busy chopping hay to make it even more believable. I attended my family party with a bunch of my girl friends and we had a wonderful time! My friend Sarah’s husband, Scott, and my fiance work together on Scott’s family farm.

Scott has his pilots license and his own Cessna 172, so Sarah asked my best friend Lauren and I if we wanted to go flying Monday morning because it would be good weather. We agreed and were very excited! (Obviously the three of them were all in on the secret!) Monday morning came and Chris woke up around 7 A.M. He woke me up and told me Lauren and Sarah were on their way over and that they were bringing me breakfast. This was odd to me because we were not going flying until 9:30 so I was confused about why they were coming over so early. Chris got dressed and as he was picking out a shirt he said “I think I’ll wear white today” which at the time was just funny to me because he has never said anything like that, but once the surprise was over it all made sense. Lauren and Sarah arrived and brought me breakfast and coffee in bed and were being super nice and helping me get ready.

I remember asking them why they were being so overly nice (they are always sweet girls, but this was just random)? They told me they were just super excited to go flying and didn’t want us to be late because Scott had a lot to do in the afternoon. So I got ready and we headed to the farm to meet Scott. Scott had the plane ready for us and we took off right from the field! Sarah told me she wanted to record the flight with her GoPro because she had never recorded one of their flights before, and once again I didn’t think anything of it! We all love taking pictures and recording so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary to me. Once we were in the air I was taking pictures of the breathtaking views when all of a sudden Sarah says “Oh wow Cody look out the window!” I looked… My jaw dropped when I saw “Codelyn Marry Me?” tilled into the hay field.

I could not believe my eyes. My heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest and my eyes welled with tears. Lauren and Sarah of course started laughing and hugging me. It was such an amazing moment. I was so excited to land and wrap my arms around Chris! We landed in the same field that had the proposal tilled into it and Chris was standing in the middle waiting for me with the ring. All of our family and closest friends were waiting off to the side watching it all. When the plane landed I jumped out and ran to Chris almost knocking him over as he quickly dropped to one knee.

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I, of course, said yes and I didn’t want to stop hugging him. We walked over to our family and friends and gave every one hugs and got many congratulations. I am SO happy to be marrying my best friend and the love of my life! This is definitely a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life!

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