Martin and Jennifer

How We Met

Online dating may get a bad rap, but Martin and I met on OKCupid. It was September 2017 and we arranged our first date a Red White & Brew in Mesa. I was rather nervous to meet this handsome, intelligent, stylish and accomplished man, but he is just one of those people that puts you at ease and we quickly found ourselves deep in conversation. After dinner, we weren’t quite ready for the evening to end, so Martin suggested we go to a nearby frozen yogurt place. We hopped in his car and drove across the street, got some frozen yogurt and talked for a few hours. After about 30 minutes he invited me to put my feet up on his lap and we comfortably sat and chatted. We eventually decided that we should probably call it a night. We drove back across the street and when he dropped me off at my car, we shared our first kiss. Then after a moment, we both started laughing that our “first kiss” was while standing over a somewhat stink sewer cover.

Our 2nd date was the next night and we have rarely spent more than a few days apart ever since. We took a trip to New Orleans that December, and even that early in our relationship, we were talking about getting engaged and married, knowing that we had both found the person we were truly meant to be with.

We have had quite a few trials and tribulations. I was in a bad car accident in Feb 2018 which Martin was amazingly supportive through. We both have stressful and demanding jobs but are always there for each other.

We started a low key search that quickly resulted in finding the perfect home for us. While we were on trip to San Francisco with the kids in July my house went under contract, although that fell through. His house sold and eventually so did mine, not without a moment or two of panic in how I was going to manage two mortgages if it didn’t.

How They Asked

In mid-September 2018, Martin told me that it was very important for me to set aside October 13th and not plan anything as he had something special planned. I woke up that morning and he told me to dress comfortably but to bring a nice change of clothes and he was taking me to get a 2 hour Thai massage then we would be meeting some friends up North. Certainly not a bad way to start a Saturday. It was unusually rainy that day and, as it turns out, it was the wettest October in Arizona history. Little did I know how much stress the rain was causing Martin. After what was probably the most amazing massage on my entire life, Martin picked me up and we ran through the rain to the car. Although he said we were on a tight timeline, we stopped for some coffee and sat in the car together for a bit while we drank it and watched the rain. When we then started to head “up north” it was raining so hard as we drove up the freeway we could barely see. We pulled off in North Scottsdale to stop and get a bite to eat and hope the rain would subside a bit so that it would be a safer drive. It was then that Martin got a phone call. Someone involved in the event had left something important back at the house and we had to go back. At this point Martin really started to seem stressed out because apparently we were going to be late and we were already delayed by the rain. Things seemed a little suspicious when he kept moving between “we have time” and “we really need to get moving”, but I was so relaxed from my massage and really enjoying just spending time with Martin, that I didn’t give it much thought. As we drove back to the house Martin kept asking me how far out we were (I am a big fan of Google Maps) stating he was trying to estimate when we would get to the event up north. As we got closer to the house Martin was pointing up in the sky and asked “What is that?” I looked up and said “maybe some balloons?” I noted that there were several in the sky and there seemed to be more floating up. As we got closer to the house and the “white objects” in the sky came nearer into view, I noticed that the “balloons” seemed to be spelling out something. As we turned the corner towards the house, I looked down and a large number of our friends were standing there with confetti and cheering. As I got out of the car I got a better look at what those white shapes were and they appeared to be tiny bubbles in the shape of the words “Marry Me”. And as I made my way around the car there was Martin down on one knee ring in hand and he asked me to marry him. I started to cry as I happily said yes. Some of my closest and oldest friends were there along with many of Martin’s friends. My best friend and his family were in London and they had arranged to have them in the middle of the night there on Facetime so that they could be part of this amazing moment. After that, they changed out the pattern of the “Smile Clouds” to hearts. We had lots of fun taking turns “slicing” off the heart-shaped clouds and watching them drift off in the cloudy sky. It was an engagement and engagement party all in one. While Martin was driving me around in a ruse to kill time while they waited for the rain to subside, my amazing 14 year old daughter was holding down the fort along with Martin’s best friend Hector. Coordinating when they were ready, making sure the foods and drinks were all laid out (although Juno, our pitbull did manage to help herself to about half the sandwiches). Martin told me that when his plans of a hot air balloon ride from our cul de sac fell through when he found out we were in the flight path for Sky Harbor, he found out about SmileCloudsUSA and then moved heaven and earth, including helping arrange getting the equipment from Japan and ensuring the SmileCloudsUSA team could make it that day despite an event in Las Vegas shortly before our day. We all partied well into the night. Martin has gotten a pony keg of my favorite beer from a local brewery, which with all our friends there, we had no problem finishing. It was truly a dream moment for me and I love that he made it so that we could share it with so many of the people we love.

It has been quite a whirlwind romance. Some have said we are rushing it, but while we are not old by any means, we also are not young. We know who we are and see that we are better when we are with each other.

Our wedding is now less than 2 months away, as we just didn’t want to wait to be man and wife, and on March 30th we will exchange vow and again celebrate our love with friends and family…well into the night.

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