Cloey and Mauricio

Cloey's Proposal in Reunion Tour- Dallas Texas

How We Met

In 2011, I had just turned 16 and started my first job at the YMCA KidZone. Over the summer I would go visit my dad in Galveston. I got a call from my mom telling me all about this new boy that started working at the KidZone who she just “knew i would love!” I didn’t think much of it because who really trusts their moms opinion of a boy at 16? I came back for a weekend and had a work day. A small part of me got excited to meet the new boy so I took a little longer getting ready. I got all the way to work, began walking in, and saw him. WOW was he hot! As I get to the door the other worker that was there turns to me and says “aren’t you a little early”? I was 30 minutes early for my shift… how embarrassing. But I turned to Mauricio and introduced myself anyways, then left to go get food while I waited to go back and see him again.

We worked together for 8 months before we began to show interest in each other. I had boyfriends in that time and he had…flings, but I never seemed to lose my crush for Mauricio. We became really great friends; until, 8 long months later, I made the first move and kissed him outside of the YMCA. I proceeded to ask him on our first date to which he said YES!

how they asked

Mauricio had told me we had to go to a work dinner for his company. At first I wasn’t all that excited, but then he told me it was at the Reunion Tower! I had never been and was so excited that we finally got to go. We got ready together and hopped in the car. He had all of my favorite country love songs playing the entire ride there. We pulled up to the Reunion Tower and went to the line to go up the elevator, when a sweet looking woman came up and asked “Are you here for Blue River? Follow me.”

As we followed her, my heart sank a little realizing today wouldn’t be the day. We went up our private elevator ride to the Observation Deck where she went left and Mauricio pulled me to the right. We began walking around the deck “waiting for the others to arrive” and Mauricio began saying really sweet words to me about our time together and how much he loved me. He began walking me the other direction. I looked up and saw the same woman near a cocktail table with rose petals. My heart began to race. As we got closer, I saw that there was also rose petals in the shape of a heart on the floor.

Where to Propose in Reunion Tour- Dallas Texas

He pulled me to the center of the heart and asked “do you know what is happening?” My eyes began to swell with happy tears as I muttered out “I think so!” he then proceeded with some of the sweetest words I have ever heard and got down on one knee.

I could hardly stand from excitement. Then he asked the greatest question. And I said YES!!! After this incredible moment, we blissfully walked around the Observation Deck with our personal photographer and a giddy smile plastered on both of our faces. After dinner at Five Sixty, he took me to the NYLO rooftop bar. All of our friends were there to surprise us and celebrate! It was the most perfect plan. And now I have a hunky FIANCÉ and an incredible future to look forward to with the man of my dreams.

Cloey and Mauricio's Engagement in Reunion Tour- Dallas Texas